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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what a roller coaster ride...

Like I said, I'm probably one of the few players out there who doesn't mind razz. It makes sense to me... So, I spend the first hour well in control, chip up to 4700 and 5th in chips... but spend the second hour running in place keeping the same chip stack, but now just 12th of 26 runners...

Ah, the third hour - get notched by Columbo (876 v 874) to drop to 440 chips... and then get on a massive heater to get all the way up to 21k and the chip lead in 20 minutes... I make every freaking hand, spike every draw, have every made 8 or 7 hold... and that takes me through the points bubble and the final table...

But all the magic pixie dust is gone, I can't make anything else happen - so I start spiraling down and finally dump my stack into Columbo - by the way, tank-calling a completion with (23)5 isn't fooling anyone, dude, we know you have a hand - to bounce 7th of 45.

So, yet again, for the third time this week: final table, points, but no cash.
This is getting a little old.

Mookie mobney tomorrow, maybe?

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