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Sunday, April 26, 2009

time is running out..

Done just before the break in the Brit Blogger game today, 23 of 42... kind of meh, got it in with KT vs QT on a QJ7r flop and didn't get there.

Probably trying to little too hard to get a big stack early, as from a monthly points standpoint, only winning really helps me out - but conversely, I'm running a couple of prop bets that demand I don't zero out all week - so I'm juggling a couple of different priorities here....

Also a little annoyed that this month is looking like a month in the red... just missing enough cashes and deep runs, too many 3rds instead of 1sts in the SnG world - to get even for April, unless I get on a mini heater... Oh well, long view, 2009 is still a good year - just need to pick up the pace a little bit in May.

For the record, I think the Mookie chop went down just about right - the most workable, fair solution - you'd rather the tournament was just restarted later from the point of outage - but that's just not practical or fair to all the other tables and tourneys that went down as well.

The only odd quirk was FTP's policies giving Pauly more than first place mobney since he had so many chippies, lol. Otherwise, turn the page.

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