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Monday, April 27, 2009

sort of snuggie

just played really, really tight in Riverchasers last night - barely played 15% of my hands, reaching nit territory - not that anyone was watching...

ended up calling off 2/3rd of my stack early to smokkee, who open limped in EP, I limped behind with QT, like forty of us to the flop.... Flop J9xr, he leads, I raise, he shoves, I call (LOLBAD) and obv don't get there vs his set of nines because it's not March and I'm not running stupid silly good regardless of what anyone is holding.

After that, though, I do a nice job of picking spots during shortstack ninja time, doubling twice - shoving JJ into 66 on an undercard flop, threebet shoving ATo pre, getting called by 33 and winning that race.. - and steal just enough to stay afloat...

...until I open shove 13bb with ATo again and get called by corron10's kings... RNG does not let me spike, and I'm done 20 of 51... which is unusual, in that I either money/point, or I bust out in the bottom half of the field. Once I get this deep I usually figure out a way to get there, but not this time...

Two more events left this month, and it's basically about pride and money now.
Just play good and get things ramped up for May.

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