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Friday, April 3, 2009

not doing that again anytime soon..

(or, how top two sucks in Omaha)

so yeah, I ran both the $11 and $109 PLO8 SCOOP tourneys on Stars Thursday... Wow are most PLO8 tournament players badbadbad. I don't think I had a hard decision all night long - maybe 2 or 3 in eight hours.

Brag - I outlast over 99% of the field and finish 44th of over 7600 players
Beat - it was in the $11 tourney, not the $109, and I only made $133.

The $109 was fun, I had an above average stack four hours in, top 100, with less than 700 players left (306 make mobney in Stars' way too flat payout structure) when I have a standard PLO8 hand.

Me, 22760 in chips, second at the table, everyone else has around 10 K except for
Sdouble, with 56K, who is a profitable high-buyin Omaha tourney player.

Sdouble limps for 400, I reraise from the SB with AsTsQh2c to 1150, he calls.
Flop Td3c6d. I lead for 1750, he calls.
Turn Qc, so now I have top two with the nut low draw, I bet 4000, Sdouble pots, I don't like it, but I've got too much hand and put my last 2K in, he calls with 6533r. Well, at least a low card chops it and I've got the four Queens and Tens left to fill up.

He fills up on the river with the 6s, I get scooped and am out 652 of 2105.
EDIT: yeah, of course he wins the damn $109 and final tables the $530R 6-max as well. Dopey Maryland dude... :-)

Meanwhile I really start crushing the low-buy in game... I stay in the top 50 for hours, always 2x the average stack - I rocket up to the chip lead in hour 6 by RUNNING LIKE GOD and get over a million in chips. (gee that looks nice underneath your avatar) I slow down a bit as we get to hour 8 and finally have the anvil fall on my head.

Villain, who is a microstakes grinder ($2 average buy in, all $200 of his profit in the last month) raises in EP to 120K (blinds 20k/40k) with a 570K stack and I flat behind with AcQcQsJs and a 1.12M stack. All fold.
Flop Kh7c5c. He leads 120K, I pot it to put him all in, he calls off his stack with Ad9d8d2s. Naked low and gutterball straight...
Which binks on the turn, 6h. Well, I've got flush outs to get some back...
and the river's a 5h and I get scooped. Joy.

A few hands later, same guy limps UTG, I pot with AAJ9r (yeah, not great, but I've only have 15BB now) all fold around and he calls.
Flop T67r, he jams and I call all in.... he shows AhJc3h2d for the naked low again....
Turn 9 (yay) River 4 (boo) and we chop.

Finally, some guy limps in the cutoff, I complete in the small blind with AKT8r, big blind (a new account from Vegas that just started playing Stars tourneys this week, uhhuh) checks.
Flop T87 with two spades, I decide I'm better off leading than checking/shoving or risking a free card, I pot with top two to 120K, big blind repots to 480K, I put my last 50K in hoping he's on a draw...

instead of the J963 he has for the flopped nizzles. I don't get the board to pair and I'm dunzo.
These two momos end up finishing top four.

so coming away from this?

1) playing eight hours for $120 net is.... disappointing.
2) I played pretty good though, regardless.
3)Thanks to the rail that found me in the tourney.... the usual suspects, you know who you are.

I don't really have any other SCOOP plans... there's Stud/8 on Tuesday I may try (already in the 22, may try to satellite the 215 if I want to smack myself upside the head another eight hours) and the $109 ME Sunday the 12th is a possibility depending on things....

Otherwise, off until Sunday.

Man, I felt like I had a decent shot at some final table run and four-figure mobneys. Oh well.

Hey, at least next week's Skillz is PLO8.

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Shrike said...

Blogger PL08 is insanely +EV. It's a shame I might miss it.