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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

going boom...

Ok, April officially sucks. I must be like 1/20 for the month cashing in anything on FTP.

I keep running into better hands and not winning flips when I need it. Just in a weird zone where I get floated or raised every time I don't have it and get folds every time I'm betting for value. Bizarro world.

Anyhow, Skillz PLO8 was frustrating - especially after I played and ran so good in the Stars PLO8 SCOOP - I never could build a stack, even when I had two great spots early on to scoop and get to 6K, but we ended up splitting pots.... I made a marginal isolation reshove with KKQ4 (had my reasons, lol) over a shortie's limp/shove in a three way pot and ran smack into AAxx to get down to the felt, 40th of 42, before the first break.

Then I short-stack ninja'd great, made the second break, and was probably one big pot away from being a factor again - and I never won it. Finally went out two off the points bubble (third time I've done that this series, 120 points go poof!) when I called a button raise with AKQ3 from the blinds and shoved a J24 flop - and couldn't get there vs AAxx. (I have a habit of ignoring the fact most players only raise AAxx/A2xx preflop in PLO8...)

Maybe I can get things moving in the Mookie Wednesday like I've managed to do a lot this year...

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