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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Play the Mookie. Nothing happens of note. Never get lower than 2K or above 5K. I last almost two hours - then open shove A7s into JJ hiding in the blinds to bounce 21 of 72, just out of the points AGAIN.

If I'm not going to cash, at least let me point, and right now I'm getting neither.
I love the setups, too - I open raise in the cutoff, button shoves with JJ, big blind reshoves with KK. - Yeah, I found a fold there.

One amusing hand..

DeepChitNJ limps UTG at 40/80, I check my big blind, four to the flop - which is K73 two diamonds - blinds check, he shoves for 4300 into a 320 pot?

I know the AIPS was tonite as well, but the last time I played Stud it fried me so bad I will NOT play another Stud-only tournament anytime soon.

I would say FML, but Shaniac always links to stuff to keep it in perspective...

At least some decent stuff happened at the SnG tables.

So let's have a good Easter, everyone.

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