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Thursday, March 19, 2009

your table is waiting, again...

At least I can close out a week well. Another final table run in the Mookie.....

Another strange first hour, where I seesaw up to 4K, down to 1K, up to 5K, and back to 3400 by the first break.

I get AA/KK four times but only get action once to double through.
I start to notice I'm getting a silly amount of action whenever villains have top pair.

Blinds 25/50, I open to 125 in MP with TT and about 3K in chips.
ScottMc calls on the button, Sting70 calls in the big blind.
Flop J67r, I lead for 300, ScottMc shoves for 1650... I get confused, talk myself into calling and get shown AJ. That was pretty bad on my part.

Later, blinds 30/60, I have Q8o in the big blind with 945 in chips
Two limpers, I complete, Schaubs checks his option.
Flop QT8, two diamonds. I check, it checks around.
Turn 4, I lead for 160, Schaubs raises to 480, I shove my last 405, he calls and his Q2o is drawing dead.

Blinds 40/80, I have AA in MP with 2310 in chips
jcpeace limps, I raise to 325, all fold, he calls.
Flop JhTh6c. he checks, I shove to make it look drawy, he calls all in for 1242 with AJo. I hold.

Very next hand, I open raise JJ to 200, Schaubs reraises to 480 right behind me, all fold, I call. I barely cover him...
Flop KdJd4c. nice. I check, Schaubs leads for 640, I shove over top of him to look drawy again... and he folds...
Probably playing too fast there, but hoping he couldn't get away from AA/AK.

Anyhow, I'm middle of the pack at the break and then rake three huge pots to end the second hour in the chip lead.

Blinds 100/200, I have 66 on the button with 2700 in chips.
All fold around, I open shove, BuddyDank reshoves for 4200 (shit) I'm up against AsKh.
Flop QsJs2c. Turn 9s. Buddy misses all nine million outs on the river (Qh) and somehow I double up.

Later, blinds 120/240/25, I have 54s in the big blind and 5600 in chips
DakotaBlock opens for 720 in EP, Astin flats, I decide to call and take a flop- they both have over 5K stacks, maybe I can crush a flop.
Flop Jc4c4s. - Like that. I check, Dakota bets 1680, Astin folds, I shove, she calls almost all in with AJo and the board runs 6,6 to give me a boat.

Finally, at 200/400/50, I have A5o on the button with a 10K stack.
I open for 1150, Big Blueberry calls in the big blind with a 7K stack, ScottMc folds his blind.
Flop T95r. Blueberry donks into me for 1600, and I just don't feel it.
I shove, more as a bluff, because I should never get called with anything I beat except for QJ...
..unless Big Blueberry tries to bluffcatch and calls off her stack with 33, I hold for a 14k pot and hit the second break with 40BB, a gold mine in this tourney.

In that third hour I get ScottMC to shove 44 into my JJ and hold,
I openraise/call Mookie's shove with 33 and hold vs. his KQs when I flop a set.

So I get up to 40K when I run into a weird, weird hand.

Eight handed at 400/800/100. I cover the table, next biggest stack is 15K.
willwonka opens to 2400 from UTG with a 12K stack. I flat in MP with KK.
Joe Speaker shoves from the small blind for 7K. willwonka FLATS?
I decide, if he has AA, so be it, and reshove.
will folds after putting over half his stack in preflop. Joe shows AK
Flop has an Ace in it. will claims to have folded AK too. FML.

At least it didn't kill me that bad - but with a 55K stack if I hold and only two tables left.... man, that would have been a sweet spot to be in...

I get to be smokkee's ATM one time when I open for 2400 with 55, he shoves his button for 10K, and I really should NOT be calling in this spot.
But, I keep thinking we could be racing, I could hold, it's only 12BB, I still have 24K if I lose... and I call, run into 99, and double him up.

After I pull a lucko (open shove T2s from my small blind into Shabazz Jenkins - I have 23K, he has 8K, blinds 500/1000/125 - he calls with KJ, I spike a ten on the turn)
I get to another Mookie final table...

Seat 1: cmitch (29,252)
Seat 2: heffmike (35,265)
Seat 3: kalspeed (85,641)
Seat 4: twoblackaces (13,048)
Seat 5: smokkee (11,881)
Seat 6: Julkeus (17,909)
Seat 7: willwonka (12,102)
Seat 8: 1Queens Up1 (7,389)
Seat 9: 125Will (36,513)

Once there I'm third in chips to the splashy kalspeed and 125will, who I don't know a lot about but has the rungoot going lately.

Then it starts falling apart for once.
I felt so pwned here.

still ninehanded, blinds 600/1200/150,
Seat 1: cmitch (29,252)
Seat 2: heffmike (35,265)

folds around to cmitch's small blind, he raises to 3600, I think about reraising with JJ, but decide to flat instead...
flop K66, he tanks, bets 4800, a small bet. I don't like it, but it feels dumb to fold or raise JJ here, so I call.
turn A, he checks, I don't think I can rep the Ace here and I check behind. Pot is already about 18K.
river is the Qc, completing a backdoor flush. cmitch now blockbets(or tries to valuetown me) for 6000.
I tank and think, realize I have a pretty weak bluffcatcher at best and cmitch has to know this, I've screwed this hand up on every street and fold.

I'm probably good there 2% of the time. I may never have been ahead for all I know.

Anyhow the very next hand I have QQ, so I think, hey, this is why you fold there, whee!

1Queens up1 shoves for 7K, cmitch quickly flats, I shove for 26K. cmitch tanks and folds.
I only run into AA.
Flop AQJr. Yeah, set over set usually sucks.
Turn K, River not a T or the case Q. Down to 20K now.
cmitch says he folded AT. I hope that was a joke.... :-) Stupid case Ace.

Anyhow, so I gotta short-stack ninja, but at least the blinds are only 600/1200 so I have a little bit of time..
I get a spark of rungoot back when I openshove ATs for 15K, have Julkeus call allin for 11K with AJs, but I flop a T and take him out in 8th.

I finally run out of gas here... It's a somewhat light call, but hell, Smokkee can afford it, I would do the same thing, and I honestly want the call in that spot....I need a double up, not blinds and antes... I would rather he not spike his kicker, however...

Full Tilt Poker Game #11216342092: The Mookie (83446161), Table 8 - 1000/2000 Ante 250 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:27:17 ET - 2009/03/19
Seat 2: heffmike (24,435)
Seat 4: twoblackaces (27,692)
Seat 5: smokkee (123,914)
Seat 8: 1Queens Up1 (32,134)
Seat 9: 125Will (40,825)
heffmike antes 250
twoblackaces antes 250
smokkee antes 250
1Queens Up1 antes 250
125Will antes 250
heffmike posts the small blind of 1,000
twoblackaces posts the big blind of 2,000
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [Ks Ad]
iaatg6296 (Observer): heff won a seat
smokkee raises to 6,000
1Queens Up1 folds
125Will folds
iaatg6296 (Observer): march 9th
heffmike raises to 24,185, and is all in
iaatg6296 (Observer): or the 2nd lol
twoblackaces folds
smokkee calls 18,185
heffmike shows [Ks Ad]
smokkee shows [Jh Kh]
*** FLOP *** [4h Jc Kc]
*** TURN *** [4h Jc Kc] [9s]
*** RIVER *** [4h Jc Kc 9s] [6h]
heffmike shows a pair of Kings
1Queens Up1: o snap
smokkee shows two pair, Kings and Jacks
smokkee wins the pot (51,620) with two pair, Kings and Jacks
PirateLawyer (Observer): poker is easy
heffmike stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 51,620 | Rake 0
Board: [4h Jc Kc 9s 6h]
Seat 2: heffmike (small blind) showed [Ks Ad] and lost with a pair of Kings
Seat 4: twoblackaces (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 5: smokkee showed [Jh Kh] and won (51,620) with two pair, Kings and Jacks
Seat 8: 1Queens Up1 folded before the Flop
Seat 9: 125Will (button) folded before the Flop

Smokkee got mad donations from kalspeed to build that stack - hell everyone but me did - and he took my chips to a final table win over 125will...

That's great for him.

What's not great is that both guys are already in the top 10 in points, so chances are I'll be looking up at both of them next week whenever Al updates the standings.

If only I could play the Mookie for every BBT tourney I'd be in great shape...

At least I closed the week well, although I am a little disappointed in fifth - but I can't argue with a final table run... at least when I point in these things I make it count (1st/2nd/5th) because I'm not any good at farming into the points in 19th place...

1 comment:

1Queens Up1 said...

you played goot from what I saw Heff, i believe cmitch's bet there too.

You made the right move trying to isolate with Q-Q and I would hope cmitch folds a-10 in that spot every time. Man though, knowing that was the case A was disturbing.

Good game and good luck!