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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ruckbox report number 2

if you thought the last one was sick. stay tuned...

In Riverchasers I get started immediately and throw off Instant Tragedy two hands in...
- yeah, I got AQ way beat there.
I take that line with anything from a set to AK to 7d8d. You don't get to know everything by reading the blog, either. :-)

So still in Level 1, I deliver cooler number one of the night.

I have 3580 UTG+1 with 66. UTG limps, I limp, MP limps, glinda1 raises to 180 from the small blind.
UTG cold calls, so do I, MP comes along, four to the flop.
Flop QQ3. glinda checks, it checks around, I'm basically done with the hand.
Turn 6. Bink. glinda leads for 270, UTG flats, I figure 1K is a good raise size.
Glinda shoves, UTG finally folds, I type "must be a cooler" as I call.
Glinda's AQs does not improve on the river and I chip up to 7K.

This actually went on the same time as the twoblackaces PLO8 hand that doubled me up..
So within 10 minutes of both tourneys, I double up and haz the chip lead.

heffmike: strange to be chipleading both tourneys though... usu a bad omen

I bink another set in a three way raised pot but Astin gets away when I raise the turn after the flop checks through.
After that I slow down for the rest of the first hour, but get back to being active in short order in hour two.

Blinds 60/120, I'm up to 9K with Ad4d in MP and cover the table.
a104l9 opens to 360, I flat right behind him in position, everyone else folds.
Flop 8d4c7d. He leads for 600, I raise to 2300 intending to court variance and call a shove. He folds.

I start to get my run goot on.

Blinds 80/160. All fold to a104l9's SB. He completes, I check Qc4d.
Flop Th9c7c. He checks, I bet 240, he calls.
Turn 4c. hmm, I haz junk pair and flush draw. He check/calls 550.
River Qd. He checks again and I figure I backed into the best hand now.
I value bet 1200. He calls with Kc9s. Boy oh boy.

heffmike: club would have been bad.
PirateLawyer: lmao
PirateLawyer: Heff never met a pot he didn't want to buy

I chip up a bit more, then I actually start to get hands.
-win a flip with Columbo [QQ>AK all in preflop, board runs 99J - K(boo) - T(yay)]
-stack Microvillain [KK>AJ all in preflop]
-and get up to 24K in chips.

I can still splash around, though..

Blinds 150/30/25, in the big blind with K9 and 24.6k in chips.
Folds to BorgataGirl's button, she raises to 900, I repop to 2800.
She tanks and finally shoves for 6500 total.
I gotta call 3700 into 6000, I only need 40% equity to do this mathematically.
I "should" call. But decide there's no way my cards can be that live and fold.
There are times I can actually admit I got caught and fold to preserve a stack, or prevent someone from doubling through me.
On this night, though, if I called I prolly flop KK9 or something.

Finally, on the money bubble, an interesting hand.

Full Tilt Poker Game #10936367796: PPI / Riverchasers Tournament (81372822), Table 10 - 250/500 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:18:00 ET - 2009/03/03
Seat 1: JD Schellnutt (14,569)
Seat 2: heffmike (25,782)
Seat 3: a104l9 (10,933)
Seat 4: Bone_Daddy84 (6,707)
Seat 5: Chippy McStacks (30,223)
Seat 7: drunkenmonkey87 (12,740)
Seat 8: nzgreen (13,244)
Seat 9: kickyourace (12,429)
JD Schellnutt antes 50
heffmike antes 50
a104l9 antes 50
Bone_Daddy84 antes 50
Chippy McStacks antes 50
drunkenmonkey87 antes 50
nzgreen antes 50
kickyourace antes 50
a104l9 posts the small blind of 250
Bone_Daddy84 posts the big blind of 500
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [5s 5c]
Chippy McStacks folds
Chippy McStacks: is it top 20% make points?
drunkenmonkey87 raises to 1,270
nzgreen folds
kickyourace folds
JD Schellnutt folds
NYRambler (Observer): top 25
heffmike calls 1,270 (flatting, no need to get silly aggro vs. an UTG raiser.)
a104l9 folds
NYRambler (Observer): we're in the points
Chippy McStacks: kk
Bone_Daddy84 raises to 6,657, and is all in
drunkenmonkey87 has 15 seconds left to act
drunkenmonkey87 folds (once UTG folds I'm interested in the hand again)
heffmike has 15 seconds left to act
heffmike has requested TIME (hmm, I'm definitely priced in vs. two overs. If he has a pair, flop a 5 obv. I'll still have 19K if I lose.)
heffmike calls 5,387
Bone_Daddy84 shows [Kc Ad]
heffmike shows [5s 5c]
*** FLOP *** [8c Js 7h]
*** TURN *** [8c Js 7h] [Jd]
*** RIVER *** [8c Js 7h Jd] [Td]
Bone_Daddy84 shows a pair of Jacks
heffmike shows two pair, Jacks and Fives
heffmike wins the pot (15,234) with two pair, Jacks and Fives
Chippy McStacks: presto
heffmike: gg
Chippy McStacks: never loses
Bone_Daddy84 stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 15,234 | Rake 0
Board: [8c Js 7h Jd Td]
Seat 1: JD Schellnutt folded before the Flop
Seat 2: heffmike (button) showed [5s 5c] and won (15,234) with two pair, Jacks and Fives
Seat 3: a104l9 (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 4: Bone_Daddy84 (big blind) showed [Kc Ad] and lost with a pair of Jacks
Seat 5: Chippy McStacks folded before the Flop
Seat 7: drunkenmonkey87 folded before the Flop
Seat 8: nzgreen folded before the Flop
Seat 9: kickyourace folded before the Flop

Now in the money, I saved this one especially for PirateLawyer.

Blinds 400/800/100 five handed, I have AKo UTG.
I raise to 2300, Chippy McStacks calls on the button.
Flop Tc8h3c. I check, Chippy bets 4000, I fold.

A few hands later JD Schellnutt open shoves 55 into my KK, I hold and take a decent stack to the final table.

Seat 1: mensmolehair (28,841)
Seat 2: heffmike (47,428)
Seat 3: a104l9 (7,875)
Seat 4: Mike_Maloney (22,421)
Seat 5: Chippy McStacks (58,645)
Seat 6: Proehl (14,536)
Seat 7: NYRambler (16,474)
Seat 8: ChampSampson (39,301)
Seat 9: kickyourace (10,479

I stay pretty quiet early on but find spots to get involved.

I win a flip with Mike_Maloney, JJ>AK all in pre, to get us down to 8 players.
Six handed, I openshove 13BB effective from the small blind into a104l9's big blind.
My K8 fades A6 with an 8 on the flop, K on the turn.

I notice mensmolehair on my direct right is open raising and shoving a lot of pots.
I three bet his opens twice with KK and AA hoping he monkey shoves, but he folds.

This was an interesting hand.

Blinds 800/1600/200 five handed. I have 8s7s on the button.
Stacks: I have 97K, mensmolehair 50K, Proehl 55K
men opens to 4800, I flat on the button, Proehl comes along in the big blind.
Flop 969r. I check, men thinks and checks, I take the free card.
Turn 6s. interesting straight flush draw for me. both guys check, I bet 10K to take it down. BOTH players call, men after a pause.
River 4d. brickbrickbrick. They both check, and while I hate giving up, SOMEONE must have a 9 or 6.
Even if there's not a boat out there, I think I'm getting looked up 110% of the time. I check behind.
Proehl, AT. - Men, K9 for flopped trips, turned boat?

Wow. I mean, can you really bank on one of us to try bluffing at the pot, even a monkey like me?
And no, I don't think I would bet a six there, because I'm not good enough to fold if raised on the river.

So that was strange, and then I make a really, really bad spew soon after.

Same blinds, four handed, I have 75K in the big blind.
Proehl minraises on the button for the second straight time, I decide to reraise to 9600 with Q4o, he calls.
Flop comes JTT, two clubs, it goes check check.
Turn is an Ace. He only has 24K behind, I can always spike a K, an Ace is plausibly in my range, I bet 20K.
He shoves, and I have to call off the last 4000 and hope I get lucky.
He has T9s. I do not luckbox.

Yeah, dusting off half your stack with Q4o not recommended.
The third break comes at a good time.

Once we get back playing, I pick up a couple of small pots prior to the big ruckbox hand.

Blinds 1000/2000/250 fourhanded. I have 49K in the big blind, mensmolehair is chip leader with 99K in the small blind.
Folds to men, he completes, I happily check with 9c4c.
Flop 9h7h4s. He leads for 4K, I make a larger than usual raise to 19K. He thinks and calls.
Turn is a 3h and he checks. Pot is already 45k and I only have 28K left.
Yeah, a flush draw is his most likely holding. But, what I don't want is to give him a freebie at a four flush if he has some silly pair+heart hand.
Heads up, I figure, if you have a flush, you have a flush. W/e. So I shove, he calls with Qh8h. ugh.
River is a SWEETSWEET GLORIOUS 9d for a boat. I suddenly haz chip lead.

A few hands later, I open UTG with A9o for 6500, men ships for 29K.
I instacall because I figure A9o is the nutz vs. him and I haven't seen him roll over one decent hand in 45 minutes.
He has AKo. Oops.
Flop comes K99.
Maybe I could run a little better, but no case 9 for quads. A boat will do, and we're three handed.

While Proehl and Chippy trade chips I try to recover a semblance of a decent image.

Chippy makes a great call that doesn't hold.
Proehl limps 2400, I call from the small blind, Chippy raises to 10.5K, Proehl calls, I fold.
Flop A65r, check check.
Turn 5d, Chippy leads for 12K, Proehl shoves for 41k, Chippy covers.
Chippy tanks and calls with A4.
Proehl only has Qd7d, but spikes his runner runner flush on the river.

So while Chippy's the short stack, I start luckboxing like mad.

T8>56, J64 flop, T Turn.
73>A4, 943 flop, 7 on the river.
52>J7, A429Q board.
Tx6s>Qs6x, Ts8sJs flop, Kc turn. blank river
92>Q9, 627J4 board.

all of these are small pots, but every pot has 10K in it to start with at this point. They all add up.

Then I take a shot with over 2/3rds of the chips in play. Probably an ill-advised one.
I figure I did not have the best hand, but even if I lose I still have the chip lead and if I win the pot it's basically all over..

Blinds 1200/2400/300. I have 177K, Proehl 48K, Chippy 21K.
I open AcTc to 7200, Chippy folds, Proehl shoves. I think and call.
Proehl has JJ. Flop comes JTx. Turn T. Amazingly the case T does not show up on the river and I double Proehl up.

Next hand Chippy shoves A8 into Proehl's 44, gets no help... and we're finally heads up and almost equal in chips.

I felt really really good about this despite losing a big chip lead because

1) we had 40BB apiece, so we had enough blinds to play for awhile.
2) while I don't regularly play any HU sit-n-gos or tables, I do play very very well heads up at the end of a tourney.
I think I may be something like 9-1 in these type of series (Mookie, BBT, AIPS, etc.) heads up.
3) I was locked in reading people's ranges and holdings all night, and running so so sick.

So we get started, trade blinds for a while, and I get back to luckbox world.
I have 126K. Proehl 120K at 1500/3000/400.
I call 74o on the button, Proehl checks.
Flop AQ4r. he checks, I bet 4000, he calls.
Turn 4. he check calls 15K.
River A. Ugh. He checks, and I don't think I can bet this river - I don't see him paying me off with a lesser hand and Ax is a definite part of his range.
I check behind, he shows KQ. Probably missed a small value bet.

Then I completely lose the wireless connection on my Dell laptop (boo, it sucks, this happens a lot) so I switch off to my iBook while I reboot the Dell.
I only miss one hand.

Then Proehl starts pwning me in pots.

I limp Q6o, he checks.
Flop K75r, we check.
Turn Kh, he checks, I bet 4K, he raises to 12K, I fold, he shows T4.
Well played, sir.

I give up the chip lead to him and then get smacked around big time in two pots.
Blinds 2000/4000/500 I have 104K, Proehl 142K
He limps the button, I check with 8h7h.
Flop A98. we check.
Turn Jh, now I have a heart draw + pair, I bet 6K, he calls.
River 7d. I don't like that card as much as I should. I check intending to snap off a bet.
Proehl bets 16K, I call, he shows T9 for the straight.

Later, I limp my button with 54s, he checks.
Flop KT5, check check.
Turn 4, he leads for 4K, I raise to 17K, he calls.
River 7d. he leads into me for 20K. I gotta call... and see K7 for another rivering.

So I'm down 4-1 in chips with a 13BB stack.
But I'd rivered enough people tonite, it's fair. Just gotta build back up.

I change things up, start pushing a little harder - and I think Proehl was starting to get sleepy and lose focus..
He was playing passively enough that I could see flops cheaply and not overcommit myself too early in the hand.
For whatever reason, I start picking up pots without showdowns and slowly climb back into things.

Then I get nice turns twice...
Blinds 2500/5000/600. I have 99K, Proehl 147K
I limp QJs on the button, Proehl checks. (only the limped pots were interesting, we didn't do this every hand)
Flop KsTs3d. He checks, I bet 7K, He raises to 15K. I think and call.
Turn As, He checks, I do "if he has it, oh well" routine and pot it to 41K. He thinks and folds.

A few hands later, same blinds, I have 114K, Proehl with 132K
I limp 95o on the button, he checks.
Flop 8c6c3d. He leads for 5K, I call.
Turn 7h, He leads for 15K. I think about flatting but figure maybe I can get him in now, and a lot of rivers can kill the action.
I shove, he tanks, calls time, and folds.

I finally take it down with the 200th suckout of the night.
Blinds 3000/6000/750. I actually am in the lead with 144K.
I limp QTc on the button, Proehl checks.
Flop JJ3, two clubs, checks through.
Turn 9d. He checks, I bet 8K with my draw, he calls.
River Kh. Bink again. He leads for 18K. I think, figure there's no way he's full, go for full value and shove.
He calls with J4o.
I run so so goot.

So that took a half an hour, 70 hands, and one laptop disconnect on my end.

So what did we learn?

1) I will NEVER run that good again in two tourneys in one night.
It was to the point after I won the NYRPS and we still were at two tables in Riverchasers, I had no doubt I was gonna find a way to double up.
2) Donkaments are EZ when you have a big stack and can afford to make moves/gambool to get a bigger stack.
3) Betting and raising rock over checking and calling. (yeah, this is supergenius stuff...)
4) I certainly am not afraid of looking like a fool and betting air - or the nutz - with the exact same line.
5) As BDR Radio put it - If you have two aces, I show up with two jokers... lol.

I'm off to a good points start, banked some decent coin, and made the NYRPS and BBT4 Tournament of Champions...
So now I will probably go busto in every tournament and not even make points for two weeks....

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