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Sunday, March 22, 2009

oops I did it again... I do a negative EV thing today... instead to trying to squeeze out every point I can in the BBT4 series in the Brit Blogger Game, I decide to skip it and go play in the free bar poker series I donk around in instead, since it's the Tournament of Champions night, which I won the last quarter we did it in November... yeah, eschew a shot at $1500 for a hat/shirt/credit on your bar tab, whoo-hoo!

Anyhow, yeah, I won again. Another freeroll entry, woot. This one was so on autopilot...

I chip up quickly from the 7K starting stack to 12K (100/200 starting blinds, 30 min levels) by pot controlling hands when I flop a pair and get to showdown... when I actually have to think in a hand.

Blinds 200/400, I have 12K and cover the table. I open raise 77 UTG to 1200.
Wacky player flats on the button. She is very loose calling preflop but tight when raising, and I'm sure I'm in front right now.
Small blind takes a while to count his stack, tanks, finally shoves for 3500 total, BB folds, back to me now..
I think, decide that if I shove I fold out almost all of the button's holdings and can take the flip against the blind, even though I might be behind... I shove, she folds AT, but I can't spike vs. the allin's 99 and drop to 9K.

I short stack ninja for a while (once shoving 9K from EP at 500/1K on a button who has the big stack - 26K - and is a crazy asian who loves gambool... and I get him to fold 88, so he has some ability to fold) until I pick up AA and open shove for the third straight hand... he calls with KQs and I hold to double through.

Later, a meh player completes his small blind at 500/1k and I check with 32o in the big blind.
Flop comes A54, though. Whee. He leads for pot (!!!!!!!) and I blink and call.
Turn's a J, he checks, I bet 4K, he sticks the rest in for 3K more with J6 drawing dead.

At the final table, a decent player opens for 4K in EP at 500/1K.... I shove for 20K with AQs ( I cover him, barely)... he tanks and calls allin with AJo and I hold.

After that, I was on autopilot, gathering chips and winning pots until heads up, when I shove 33 for 10BB effective, get called by two overs and hold.

So that was nice. I like playing and winning live, even when it doesn't really count... Checking the blogger game, not playing didn't kill me that much.... I still need to get 150 points one way or the other no matter what anyone else does.. and so we'll start the final push tomorrow night in Riverchasers...

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