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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm already behind, ack :-)

ah, that was a quick opener for me... only 66 in for the Brit Blogger game this afternoon. I finish 48th. Nothing notable. I make a couple of open raises and have to fold either preflop or on the flop.

I play a weird hand with Waffles were I openraise UTG with 22, he flats on the button, board runs out Q988x or something, I figure that has to hit his range so I check it down like a girlygirl, he checks behind the entire way and wins with 44. So owned.

I finally shove over Numbbono's open raise at 30/60 for about 15-18BB with ATo, he calls with KK, the flop runs AKx and that's that. Probably too loose of a reshove, but w/e. My own fault.

Big game is next up. Will prolly donk around the rest of the afternoon, fold clothes and see where that gets me...

1 comment:

SirFWALGMan said...

haha yeah that was a weird hand. You owned me on a future hand for like 1k though that I played badly. heh.