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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I like waffles version better...

Compare and contrast...

I do useless PokerStove calculations here to justify obviously horrible play, of course.

FYI, I view this as an academic exercise where I might be wrong or right, but I don't have anything personally invested one way or the other. Flame away.. :-) Things have been too quiet lately, we need amusement....

EDIT: More LHE food for thought here from F-Train, who's way better than I am at this minibet stuff and would also probably tell me I suck...


Shrike said...

Waffles' version is superior, no question.

I think your ex post facto calculations are flawed and a poor justification for spewing chips. Quelle surprise! But I certainly agree that analyzing hand ranges is a worthwhile exercise.

Poker is fun.


Shrike said...

The hand ranges you posted are useful for ex post facto analysis.

I suggest the following: if you're not able to narrow my range (you say earlier PL could have any two cards, which is certainly true enough, vague though that statement is) to top 10% or top 20% (the first two sets of ranges you cite, where 44 is a smallish dog) and finally reach the third one (where you are a very significant dog when I can show up with more combinations of sevens or eights for a flopped made hand that beats 44) ... do you stop and think for a few seconds during the flop play after I make the 4bet to consider whether or not you are in big trouble? Based on my recollection of the hand, the answer was no; you mashed the call button almost instantly and were seduced by the turn card to call again with some backdoor draws. Food for thought. I like basing my play on math but also on reads. Bottom line, I don't think calling a flop cap here with 44 is +EV. Bombing flops with an underpair on a paired board is a dicey proposition if, as you say, you're up against someone whose play you respect. Because even if you're actually ahead on the flop you can't be comfortable with getting to showdown.


Shrike said...

F-Train's example is potentially a much better line for me to take here against you with 85ss. I can call your flop bet, raise the turn, and see if you will fold the underpair in a smaller pot when you're not remotely close to priced in to call me down lightly.

Dave, he is a clever LHE player.