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Thursday, January 29, 2009

paying attention to image..

So, many small news items to note..

**Yay AIPS 4 coming back, this time on Stars.... 8-game and Badugi should be hilarious.
Must get banana four this year...

**OMG, how did I ever live without Mario Kart Wii? It's teh nutz, sir.
Luigi or Yoshi on a bike FTW, in my silly little world.

**I still have a job, gg me. At least I run goot there...

Anyhow, onto the Mookie report. First hour is way way quiet. Nothing notable. I bet/threebet ScottMc out of a pot on the flop, but I had overs with the flush draw on a rag board, so I'm flipping regardless. I get to the break (yay!) with 3200 or so.

Second hour, I run into spots where I end up raise/folding to threebets when I just don't think I'm in great shape to either call and take a flop or fourbet shove... but along with that, I keep failing to pull the trigger in great spots I KNOW I should be restealing in.. so I'm just flailing around until I cooler someone... PinkyStinky - previous hand, he doubles up Mookie by potting in MP, getting threebet from Mookie's big blind, deciding to basically shove with no fold equity with KTo... and failing to spike against TT.

With that in mind, the very next hand...

Blinds 80/160, I have 3250 in EP with 66. I open raise to 400, PinkyStinky flats right behind me, all fold. I put him on at least two cards.

Flop Js8d4d. Could have hit his range, who knows? I think I'm still good, but check, he checks behind.
Turn 6s, I like that, I lead for 750 into the 1K pot, he shoves (I barely cover) with As9s, I instacall.
River is a spade.... and an eight, so yay, I hold and double through.

Anyhow, get moved to a table with LJ, Mookie, Schaubs, PirateLawyer, etc... and just start spewing chips without ever seeing a river. Pokerpeaker, especially, being on my left, starts being a giant pain by flatting or reraising every bet I make.

Example, at 120/240/25. I have 5300, he has 4300.
I open raise to 725 in MP, he flats.
Flop a wet Js9d7d. I check, he checks behind.
Turn Ts. I lead for 1300 into the 2K pot, he shoves for 3500, I have to fold even getting 3-1.

Now, it's obvious I have a polarized range.. I either have a monster or air.
I tend to do this on purpose too much, and it gets me action when I actually have it, especially when people peg me as overaggressive - but when I don't have it... ugh.

What I couldn't figure out, is what kind of hand PokerPeaker would have that flats preflop and shoves the turn when you're getting called like every time --- but also checks the flop behind. QT? T9? QJ? Funny, the hand actually woke me up a bit and got my mind engaged... it also dropped me back down to a 3K stack too, so boo that overall.

Anyhow, he tells me I've been real aggressive against him lately (which I don't remember, but is entirely possible, since I monkey push the bet button a lot) and he decided to flat and play back at me a lot in position...

Which sets up this final hand. Image is everything.

Blind v. Blind with PokerPeaker, I open complete AA with a 10BB stack, he checks his option.
Flop Qh5h6d, I standard c-bet, he shoves with Qs4s. Turn Q, River blanks. Done in 21st of 46.

I tarp pretty well, figuring he would shove over almost any flop bet I would make: I just need to run better after the money goes in..

So I still haven't cashed a Mookie yet in 2009. So much for my contribution to the Schaubs-IT prop bet. Five of the ten have mobneys so far... I would rather not be the tenth to cash, so gotta work a little harder. But it's getting there, bit by bit.

I may check out the NumbBono dime rebuy Thursday - depends on what else is going on - I don't want to be playing all night, but it is a turbo this time, so that should help.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

back in the flow, sort of..

Back to running the Mookie last night (when is this BBT4, not to mention AIPS, going to finally get kicked off this year??) and for whatever reason, I'm playing these tourneys far too fast lately and spewing in hour one, instead of waiting and pouncing on people like I usually do. It might be a function of running so many Turbo SnGs lately, where you gotta gogogo early...

Anyhow, interesting hands to follow..

Blinds 15/30, basically all at 3K starting stacks, I have JTo in the big blind
Three limps to me, I misclick minraise to 60 because I'm not paying attention, all call
Flop K95, two hearts. Checks around
Turn Qs (bink!), DaBag donks 90 from the small blind, I raise to 375, folds around, DaBag calls
River 9s - not great, since it pairs the board and completes a backdoor flush, but I get checked to and decide to value bet 550.
He calls with Q5 - yay me.

Soul Read with K high does not work out....

Blinds 25/50, I have around 4K, with KQo in the big blind.
Trp_LLL opens from the cutoff to 150, I decide to defend and call.
Flop Td5d6c. I check, he leads 150, I feel like he doesn't have a damn thing and raise to 450.
He tanks, and shoves for 1720 total - I need to call 1270 to win 2500, getting 2-1 - hey, I think that's about right, go with the read, and call with K high.
He shows Jd4d. Right. I'm actually a slight 52/48 favorite. Turn 4, river blank. Boooooooooooo.

After that, nothing interesting happens.

I decide to get silly and threebet bayne's EP open with AJo from the blinds,
(Houston, we have a problem, I'm playing all my big pots from the blinds with meh stuff)
he shoves, I call getting 3-1 and get shown QQ and do not hit.

Then I open shove 99 for about 9BB into KK and QQ to flame out in 51st.

Probably better to have been the wifey instead. - She gets AA>99 all in on an all undercard turn to double through to 6K, then slowly gets chipped down until getting to three bet KK over a PirateLawyer open, having a cold fourbet shove behind her, calling and failing to crack the obvious AA. - At least you can just go, "That'll happen..." and move on with a wry smile, instead of being spewmonkee Heff.

In the meantime, pondering some things, an old friend of mine is suggesting I try out get staked for a while, since it worked for him so well.... We shall see if I do it. Right now I'm grinding just fine in my SnG/MTT world and building consistently, but taking a few limited shots may not be such a bad thing.

Anyhow, that's all for the moment.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

actually played a real tourney...

online at Stars, the 11+1R1A 10K guarantee - gotta say, it's got a great structure, especially 4, 5 hours in when you need it.... 954 runners, and I finish 25th... which isn't bad.. but $100 is not $4,000 for first, boobooboo.

Basically ran well and caught just right when I needed to to build a top 30 stack until right around the bubble, where I went card dead just long enough to end up in that 15BB short zone where every open is a push, and sooner or later you either double through and play postflop again, or run into AK in the blinds and don't suck out. That'll happen, still a nice run, and if I get a clear evening to play it again, I'll definitely give it a go - although 6 hours is about the top end of time I can ever find to play a single MTT... And it's nice to have 100BB available in hour two and be able to do things like fourbet without shoving preflop...

Also managed to get deep in another one of those FTP 90-man turbos as well, so at least I'm getting some work with my late tourney game, or pushmonkey ARRR INN game, take your pick... Good stuff

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the looong tourney report, BWPO Event 1

Ok, so here’s the tournament report for the record…

A 350+50 (whee, big rake) deep stack tourney that opened the Borgata Winter Poker Open - They got over 650 runners for Day 1A and put out 90 tables for Day 1B in the Event Center upstairs… and filled every seat.

1556 entries, only 120 pay, 1st place over 100K.

So, I get to Table 52 about five minutes early and am actually the first one there. It slowly fills up – all male, with a couple open seats to my right at first and three youngish, reasonably decent looking players to my left.

It’s funny, if they’re younger than me (35) and look somewhat of ethnic – I figure they’re at least decent and a little laggy. Those older than me, or standard northern white boys, I figure are either supernits or muppets. Until someone proves otherwise, those reads actually prove reasonably accurate for the next seven hours.

Anyhow, we start off 500BB deep at 25/50, so I end up limping in a ton of pots at first to try to spike a flop. Nothing interesting really happens – I end the level right at my starting 25K stack. – but a couple of things are really apparent.

- The 5/6/7 seats to my left are incredibly laggy preflop and incredible stations postflop. They seem like they know what they are doing, but are getting involved with some marginal holdings, even for deep stacks. They will not be bluffed and make a lot of hero calls on the river.

- The 8 seat is godawful, the 9 seat is erratic, and the 10/1 seats old nits, so I’d like to play pots with them, but have to get through the kids who have position on me. Table draw did not do me any favors. As a result, I tightened up a lot on my opens to avoid playing too many pots out of position throughout the day.

I limp 44 in MP during this level, end up going four to the flop, which is a nice A4x rainbow. I lede at the flop and get no action with my set, boo.

We start actually playing semi-interesting pots in Level 2.

I open raise AQo UTG to 325 at 50/100, only the BB calls.
Flop Q78 with two diamonds, I have the Ad. BB checks, I bet 600, he calls.
Turn 9, BB checks, I bet 1100, he calls
River 6, BB checks again, I probably miss a value bet here, but I can’t see him calling all three streets with just one pair, he could have a lot of junk two pair hands, so I check behind and showdown, he mucks.

A little later, the six seat minraises to 200, the seven seat calls, I flat with AQo in the big blind.
Flop AT9, I decide to check this and it checks around.
Turn 5, I lede for 550 and only the seven seat calls.
River 5, I value bet 1100, get called, I show and the seven seat mucks.

I raise QQ in the cutoff to 300, only the six seat calls in the small blind.
Flop comes down an icky AK8 with two hearts, and he donks out a 300 chip bet.
I decide he’s never doing this with a hand that can take any heat, raise to 1K, and he folds.

Between this and some other preflop raises/steals, I get up to 30K in this level just playing small ball. Others at the table aren’t doing this.

Example, two limps, erratic nine seat (40ish Asian) threebets to 600, folds around to the blind in the two seat, a young kid who has already done this

** horrible eight seat limps, two seat raises from the button, eight seat calls.
Flop is three rag cards, eight seat bets, two seat calls
Turn is an ace, eight seat bets, two seat raises, eight seat FOLDS KK FACE UP, two seat says "Wow" and shows the table 92o for complete air…..**

With this in mind, two seat reraises to 3600. limpers fold, asian calls.
Flop 96x, action goes bet call.
Turn blank, two seat bets again, now the Asian seat shoves for a little bit more, two seat has to call.
Two seat – AA, naturally.
Asian – 66. niiiiice preflop call, sir, for 20% of your stack. Set mining rules.

I flop another set after openraising with 33 during the last hand of level two. I lead the flop and get two folds again…. Boo.

I do have two hands in Level 3 (75/150) that cancel each other out.

Asian opens raises to 450, now tilted two seat with 6K behind flats, I call with AhTh in the small blind. Three to the flop.
Flop a decent J94 with two hearts, I check, Asian checks, two seat bets 1K, I raise to 3K with the nut flush draw to isolate, intending to call a shortie shove. Both players fold.

Later, one of the nits raises from UTG to 500, I call with ATo in late position, all fold.
Flop A53 with two hearts – he checks, I bet 650, he calls.
Turn 2h – he checks, so I check behind.
River 5 – he donks out 750, I decide to call with aces up out of curiosity and information gathering more than anything else – and get shown 55 for the nizzles. I consider myself lucky I only lost 2k there - not sure how he doesn't raise the flop.

We lose a player here or there, but the basic lineup holds. I also fall into a pattern of bouncing between 27K and 32K for the next four levels. I raise and steal the blinds a couple of times, then I’ll open a pot, get called in three places, then have a bet and flat call when it comes around to me on the flop and have to fold to give it all back.

Then I run into hands like this:

Level 5, 150/300/25 antes. I open raise QJs in the cutoff for 1K, the six seat (which I swear has flatted half my openraises, regardless of position) calls from the small blind.
Flop J26r, he check/calls 1000.
Turn A, he checks, I decide to check behind.
River blanks, he checks. I’m wary that he has an ace, but decide to make a thin value bet of 1500 instead (probably needs to be more to look good/get a Jack to fold) – and get called by A7o. Boo floats that get there.

I end up making winning most of my chips with hands like this to stay level, where I’m basically making a move on a weak player who I know I can force to drop a hand.

New eight seat (who’s just as bad as the last two guys in that seat) open limps 300, gets one caller, I complete from the SB with K8, four to the flop
K23, we check to the open limper, he bets 1000, only I call.
Turn 5, I check, he bets 1200, I’m almost 100% sure I don’t have the best hand, but can get a fold with a raise to 3600 - sure enough, he tanks and folds. I must have raised flop or turn bets at least 7-8 times and never got called or threebet.

While I’m treading water, the six and seven seats are just stationing themselves to huge chip stacks – people keep bluffing the river on them in great spots for it, and they keep calling with one pair hands and low flushes that shouldn’t ever be good, but somehow still are. This basically sucks, because they start flatting even more of my opens to annoy the shit out of me. Naturally, because I really can’t limp or open light with this crew, I keep seeing flops I’d make trips on… if I were still in the hand :-(

Once Level 7 starts, I decide to get a bit more active – we’re at 300/600/75, I have 50BB, and it’s time to start growing the stack. I open raise the first three pots, the last with QQ, which I show, and eventually get to 38K during the level.

I do get caught forgetting about stack sizes – two limps to me, I raise to 2100, and the guy next to me in the five seat shoves for 10K with the perfect resteal/squeeze stack. Since it’s 8K more to me, I really don’t have the price to call with A7o, and I fold (boo)
Another amazing pot…. A limped four way pot where that six seat leads a 543 flop for 3K, nine seat/erratic asian calls, then a new player reraises from the blinds to 13K. BOTH guys tank and call.
Turn is an 8, puts two hearts on board. New player shoves for 20K. six seat tanks, finally calls again, asian finally folds.
New guy – 54 for top two. (I was so sure of a set or straight for him)
Six seat - 3h2h…. hmm.. building a big pot where he’s never in front and could be drawing really, really thin.

Yeah, river’s the 9h. New guy just walks away from the table like he’s shot from a cannon.

After being pretty careful all day, playing some solid small ball, I get sloppy with stack sizes again and spring my first leak...
Level 8, 400/800/75 antes. This is a recording.
Two open limps, I raise to 3100 with A7o on the button, the five seat squeezes again for his 10K stack… but this time, counting all the antes and blinds, I only have to call 6150 more into a nearly 10K pot. I decide to gamble and call, even without the right price. He has ATo. I do not suck out, and drop back to a 26k stack.

For the rest of the level, I’m pretty quiet – no real good spots to mix it up. A new player comes in and basically gets gifted 50K by the seven seat, who has exhibitied MONSTROUS station tendencies.

The seven seat gets raised on a QJ99 turn, three hearts, by the new guy, tanks, asks how much is left behind, and calls, River is a T, so there’s a flush, four-card straight, and a pair on board. New guy shoves around 30K.
Seven seat tanks, finally calls.
New guy shows A9 for just trip nines. They are good. Somehow, the seven seat called off 40k, counting the turn, and couldn’t beat trips, which the new guy’s absolute worst hand outside of complete air...

Later, seven seat tries to bluff the river on the new guy on a double paired board, gets called by an underpair, and it’s good. So he’s starting to spew chips like mad….

So, we’re at the last hand of Level 8, I’m UTG with AQo, and, following the “people want to fold and go piss/smoke/whatever” rule, open to 2300. Only the seven seat calls, everyone else folds. I ask to see his stack before the flop, and he’s still got a few grey 5K chips, so I’m covered here.
Flop A53r. Since I checked when I hit the ace before against him on a dry flop, I decide to lede for 2500 – and I get raised to 7500?

I think about this for a bit…. I figured him for a pocket pair or Ax when he flatted preflop. I really don’t think he is playing a set this fast against me, and something just told me he didn’t spike two pair…. I don’t really like this spot, but as bad as he’s been spewing, I thought I may still be good. I call.

Turn is a K. Obviously, not the Q I was looking for, and KK just got there, but on the other hand, nothing really changed from the flop. If I was good on the flop, I’m still good now. I decide to check (which I would do even if I improved) and see what he does, let him spew if he wants…and he bets 10K.

This sucks. I have about 16k left. Next level is 500/1000/100, so I’d be in push monkey mode and immediately in the BB. I tank for a couple of minutes. He looks strong (not in a tells sense, but in a comfortable sense) but given what I’ve watched all day so far, that could mean he thinks AJ is the nuts here for all I know.

I decide, reluctantly, to shove the last 16K in. He calls, flips up AKo. Nice to be drawing dead. GG me.

Yeah, obviously that was a complete misread. I told myself before the tourney not to stack off with one pair – and sure enough the first time I shove is the last time (and the only time my stack was below 25K, sadly enough) If I didn’t see him play so effing spewtastic, I don’t think I let myself get stuck there. However, it points out a couple of bigger leaks.

- I have a really, really hard time letting go of a TPTK hand when raised on a dry flop. Wet, drawy flops, when I’m deep stacked, early in tournies… not as much of an issue, because reverse implied odds suck in those spots. But for about 30BB effective… sigh. The bad spot in the hand was bet/calling flop raise. I need a better line in these spots – I hate the bet/fold, but it probably was proper here, especially since it was the first time I had a flop lede raised in six hours – I’d done it quite a few times to the table, but it didn’t mean anything to me when I did it, because I never had a monster. Hell, at least check/call for pot control and evaluate the turn, because it’s a way ahead/way behind hand I want to show down, but not stack off with.

- I failed to respond to these monkeys raising bets, as opposed to them flatting everything. They were calling down so, so light, but a raise in that spot should be AK/A5/A3 everytime, and not an overplayed AJ/AT/KK/QQ. Dumb dumb dumb me.

- I needed to fold the turn and take my chances being a shove monkey with 16K in level 9. I’m good at it. It’s a live tourney, people fold a lot more than they do online. One double up and I’d be right back at 30K – not great, but I’d still have chips. The risk/reward ratio just is not in my favor there when I shove.

Anyway, I got up, told the guy nice hand, and that he threw me off by flatting AK preflop there (another misread by me, I didn't even consider AK that much when I was thinking about his hand range, even though it was pretty obvious in retrospect) and walked out. And thus ends the report.

Random notes;

*For some reason, felt more jazzed up for this one than I did when I played the WSOP ME in 2006. Maybe because I haven’t played live in AC in almost two years. Still the same for the most part, I noticed.

*1500 players for a $400 tourney in AC in January. Poker not dead quite yet, at least at the Borgata.

*Table was so so so boring, though. Hardly any talk, chatter, or anything moderately entertaining. Bunch of guys listening to music and pushing chips around. It almost felt like work. Honestly, it would have been more fun playing online, sad to say.

*Level of play was.. interesting. The bad, nitty players were really non factors - I probably made most of my chips off of their folds. Table would have been much, much better for me if the kids were on my right so I didn't have to run my plays directly through them. However, it was a pretty passive table – think there might have been four or five reraises preflop all day long that weren’t standard shortstack shoves…– a TON of flat calling. I felt pretty comfortable and had a nice, TAG image that wasn’t overly nitty. I was able to pick a lot of good spots to steal some blinds, pick up pots, and slowly chip up according to plan, playing smallball – and as soon as I decided to turn it up a bit more, I went too far and overplayed my holdings.

*I’m better at tournament poker. I can handle the swings in it much better, I’ve noticed. I can lose a pot, get sucked out on, lose a big flip, whatever, and I stay pretty even-keeled and mellow about it. Very little bothers me there. But the most standard, typical cash game pot goes against me, and I start tilting like crazy. For whatever reason, bad play, bad luck, variance, I expect the swings in tourneys or SnGs, but in cash games it literally drives me nuts. Bluntly, every time I play a cash game anymore, live or online, I just get destroyed over and over again. When I play MTTs and SnGs, I can make a consistent buck. Time to focus on that.

Hey, I did take down one of those silly 90-man turbos late Wednesday night blowing off steam, so yeah, that about figures. Back to the online realm for me, I guess....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And that's that

I did manage to run my stack up to 38k during level 7.... And spewed
off my last 25k in the last hand of level 8... AQ < AK on an A35r flop
when I raise UTG and get flatted a guy who already spewed off 60k in
the previous 20 minutes.

I played pretty well, but played a couple loose hands that level and
failed to pot control a hand for 30BB out of position.... Sigh.

Will post more later. Nothing too interesting... Basically, I stole
may way to 38k and kept raising fools with blah holdings to take down
pots, then made a really bad read in a spot I knew I was beat in...

That'll happen....

31k end level 6

Not exactly growing the stack. Many calling stations on my left. Still
about 50BB deep, but do need to start pwning chimps soon.

zzzzzz at level 4

30k and 200 now whee
What a snoozy level
Flop second set of the day, no payoff
Run into quads, lose the minimum

Level 5 starts antes 100/200/25... Maybe more action now

30k after level two

Tight table. Good active player on my left cramping my style a bit.
AQo is teh nutz for me so far, LOL. Everyone is texting and pissing at
the same time. Back later.

The joys of mobile blogging

Ok, so I figured out the whole blog from iPhone thingy.
Table 52 Seat 4
25K stacks 45 minute levels

Let her rip... Will update periodically today


adventure time, short term investing...

So, I'm not going to be around for the donkaments this week because after going back and forth on it nine billion times, I've decided to take a few days off from work and try to run this instead... Haven't been up to AC in a while, so we'll see how that goes.

Bought in late Tuesday for Day 1B. Line was 15 deep, all men who either
1) had a ballcap on,
2) had a potbelly, or
3) were shorter than me.

So being 0-for-3, I fit in really really well...

Look for the Eeyore if you're there. Hopefully I'll have something good to write up after the fact.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

OK, let's actually do a strat discussion...

Because I'm obviously trending a certain way lately, and PirateLawyer keeps telling me, in so many words, to quit overplaying AK preflop..... let's actually talk about this tourney situation with midsize stacks.

There are some good threads around that talk about playing AK, though not in a similar spot...

(I'd mention a specific 2+2 post, but they all always end with ARRRR INNN)

Obviously, with 15-20BB, if you open-raise and get reraised, it's a standard fourbet-shove or fold spot, and you'll only consider folding if villain is a KING UBER NIT. In position, you might, might flat and see a flop heads up, but that's pretty unlikely and you'll probably end up shoving preflop anyway with these stacks regardless of where the action's coming from.

With a deep stack over 60BB or more, out of position with AK, you've got a lot more options.
-you can flat a threebet and put yourself in a tough but playable spot
-fourbet if you think you're getting threebet light
-or even fold with a read -

but I don't think anyone thinks a fourbet shove that deep with AK is an optimal line - it's just too many chips, you're practically never getting called light, yadayadyada.... There's a place for it in the right spot, but not all the time.

However, I keep running into spots with 40-50BB effective stacks..
-I don't want to open limp AK, so I standard open 2.5-3.5BB
-I get pot reraised to 9-11BB by a decent player in position
-And now I either
*call off 20% of the stack preflop, hope to crush a flop and get paid off
*shove - which is aggressive and puts pressure on villain, but also allows him to fold AQ/JJ/TT and only call with AA/KK/QQ/AK leaving me running at 40% equity (I really don't care if villain is holding anything else or goofing around - they can call or fold with JTo/76s/55, w/e, I'm probably making money either way)
*fold. ick ick ick. Safe, preserves your stack, but probably not +EV in the long term
*make some ridiculous fourbet for 1/2 my stack in a "I'm a monkey, I have AA" line to get someone to level themselves and hero fold QQ or AK. (yeah, right)

I'm not talking about calling your stack off to a shove or playing AK in position or anything postflop.

I'm talking about preflop, out of position, facing a reraise with AK, in a tournament, with a stack that's a little too big to insta-shove, but not quite big enough to simply flat with and take a flop.

Where's the inflection point between shoving and flatting? 30BB? Deeper? Shallower?

Is folding ever the best option?

Preferred lines, ladies and gentlemen? Comments welcome...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

not the way to start 2009

yeah, well, I start off 2009 playing 23 hands in the Mook and bounce in 47th.
Those 20 minutes were action packed, though.....

Openraise AKo to 135 at 20/40 in MP, get called by PouringReign on the button and Hoyazo in the BB...
Flop 972 all diamonds (I have Kd) checks around
Turn blank, checks around again.
River is 8d, I value bet half pot, button raises pot... I really really should fold what's effectively the second nuts here, but I decide the double checkbehind is weird enough to call the raise - and get shown Ad3d for the flopped nizzles.... Odd line for him to check the turn as well, because there's a very real possibility Reign gets checked to on the river and he gets paid nothing on any street - and only a king-high flush can even think about calling a river raise if either Hoy or I take a shot at the pot- but it worked, boo.

Very next hand, I raise the same 135 preflop with AA, Waffles reraises on the button to 600, I shove for 1640 because he's never ever folding here, he calls with QQ, turns a straight draw but blanks out... so I'm back up to 3300 again whee.

A few hands later, Reign openlimps UTG, Waffles limps behind, I call with 77 in the small blind and muhctim checks his option, four to a 9d5h2h flop.... I check, it checks around.
Turn 3d, I figure I have a hand worth betting and lede for 120 into a 160 pot, only Waffles calls.
River 6c. I check, intending to call some kind of Waffles bluff, since he shouldn't have much in this spot. He bets pot, which is a little big, but I'm a station and call to see...... 4c2c for the rivered straight.....

Ahem. I would have been happier to see him show up with 88 or T9 there to be honest, but that'll happen. Down to 2660.

Couple hands later, I openraise AKs to 165 at 25/50, muhctim threebets pots it to 570, I decide AGAIN (this is a running theme with me lately) to get it in with AK out of position for 50BB preflop and flip... Muhctim calls with QQ, I do not spike, GG me...

All I know is
calling 20% of your stack preflop with AK doesn't seem right at all,
raise/folding is just silly
shoving seems extreme but balances the spots where you have AA-QQ.

I just need to run better on flips - or avoid picking high-variance spots to build a big stack early in these tourneys.... riiight.

Fire, Aim, Mook

well, this isn't horrible

Player Tot Winning Trny Net Winning ITM Wins ROI
pvanharibo $1,084.05 42 $594.05 9 2 128.58%
SirFWALGMan $947.10 36 $529.10 9 1 133.61%
heffmike $905.45 42 $413.45 9 3 89.49%

I can take that kind of performance over the year.....

Apparently it's good enough to be a part of a PROP BET, WOOT!

So, yeah, I guess I need to play tonite..

This isn't bad either.. proof I canz handle weapon... sort of :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

new year, maybe..

you know, I don't know why I torture myself like this... play a bunch of cheapie tourneys Sunday night after finally getting back from holiday travels, manage to get royally colddecked or run into monsters or whatever all night long to post a small loss with only one small cash... watch silly shit like this happen to people (three guys all-in preflop), but thankfully not me...

I just feel like I'm getting close to busting through again. I can't continue to get hosed every time in these spots deep in tourneys.
I actually feel like I am playing somewhat well and if I could just learn when to release (and when to ship) an overpair against people who play top pair/draws/sets in similar fashion... I might be a-ok....