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Monday, December 15, 2008

yay and nay

So, while it's not bad to have this WBCOOP set up like it is with all these qualifying satellites, the times are a little difficult... actually times are good, but my schedule is not, lol.
I was a little surprised to see only 450 runners for a PLO tourney Monday.... which isn't a bad ratio for 72 seats. Anyhow, I play PLO bad and bounce somewhere in hour 2 about halfway through the field. I don't know how many more of these I'm going to be able to make, but I'll give it the old college try.

In other "live poker is rigged" moments... five-handed at a free bar poker tournament. Blinds 2k/4k, you have 42K in chips on the button, only the BB covers you.
Cutoff opens for 12K with 12 more behind. You look down at AJo on the button and decide to shove, even though the raise size smells like a better hand. SB decides to call all in. BB decides to shove over top of everyone. Cutoff sighs, mucks TT face up.
SB has AQo
BB has AQs
Board blanks out until a J hits on the river, lol.

Another hand I get to watch.
Big stack on the button min raises. SB minraises back. Button calls.
Flop T74. SB shoves, Button calls.
SB has Aces. Button, T4o.
I call for a seven ball on the turn. Sure enough, 7 on the turn.
River..... 4 for the boat.

You'd swear no one actually shuffles these cards between hands.

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