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Friday, November 21, 2008

luckbox engaged, captain...

So, since I have no mobneys on Bodog, I couldn't try to get the esteemed pro bounty in tonite's Bodonkey - and I rolled back to the land of bananas and Florida pokah, the AIPS series - double stack hold em tonite, just like the Mook.

Boy, I ran like every freaking monotheistic deity you can name.... first hour must have had KK or QQ seven times, flopped two sets, and never lost a pot. Had the chip lead for most of the second hour, then started the third hour by losing a couple of races vs. shortstacks when I got the money in good preflop. Had to become a shove monkey, then double through with KJ vs. TT on a AT9 flop (it checks through, I get it in when I bink a Q on the turn)

So that's one luckbox moment, but then I hit the stupid ridiculous orbit.

Seven handed, final two tables, at 500/1000/125...

-in BB with 27k. folds to SB, who shoves 10.5K. I call with ATo. SB has AQo.
board runs out K68 J T (yay, no, boo) I spike, but lose to Broadway.

-in SB with 16.6K. EP shoves for 9K, I have AKo and reshove. EP has JJ,
board blanks out, down to 7K

-fold the button

-open shove KK and get no callers.

-fold the hijack

-UTG raises to 5K, I reshove like a dumbass from UTG+1 with TT for 9K, button shoves over top of that for 10K. UTG calls.

and the board runs out...
luckbox engaged, captain. running smooth, sir.

So I cruised with that to the final table... and just went completely card dead and tightened up way too much. I had to raise/fold a hand, which sucks when the average stack is 15bb, and couldn't find a decent spot to resteal and rebuild the stack. - I just folded my way from 8th to 4th, finally shoving AQ into A2 for like 2BB and getting outflopped.

Oh well, at least a Mike got the banana, and I final tabled two of these events in a row. I really thought I was getting banana #4, especially after that 8 binked, but not meant to be.

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