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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ack, this blog will selfdestruct in 30 days....

so, not that this is a sign of the apocalypse or anything (hopefully), but apparently AOL Journals is shutting down at the end of October, which means this blog will be moving elsewhere..... where that is, I don't know - apparently there will be some automated migration offered to another service, but for all I know I'll get sent to an Elbonian blog platform... anyone with any recommendations for a simple platform, shout out.....


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


just in the blahs at the moment.

Blahs at the Mookie too. Just up and down like a yoyo...

start with 3K, down to 2K, up to 4K, down to 2K, up to 8K, down to 4K, up to 7K - all this basically in the first 45 minutes.. and finally out in 50-something in hour 2.

Just kept running hands into bigger hands - QQ into AQ (Ace flops), JJ into QQ, AK into a pocket pair that squeezes by shoving a multiway pot preflop (I fold, and watch 55>99 by hitting a four flush when the Kd falls on the river) - JJ into a KQx flop and I get shoved into - I swear I'm better off playing crap and spiking a flop in this tourney than playing TAG with big hands.... that's the only way I ever get paid off. I make money when 57o flops trips and lose it with all my AA-JJ, AK holdings.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

must update more than once a week...

Mookie tonite was blah. out in 51st.

Basically, nothing happens. I make a tight fold of an overpair when I raise preflop, only Buddeman calls from the big blind, check calls a junk flop after tanking, then donks pot on the turn.

So, I chip up slowly until two big hands.

Blinds 40/80, I have 3520 in the big blind. Buddeman only has 1495.
All fold to Buddeman's small blind, he minraises to 160. I reraise to 575 with AKo. He flats.
Flop 943r, he shoves 920, I decide to call.... and get shown 97s. I don't hit.

If I ever open minraise, then flat for a third of my stack out of position with 97s... just shoot me, please. Yes, I should put him on a big hand there... but a big hand wouldn't normally take a line of minraise, then flat preflop, then shove that flop, so anyway, w/e.

Anyhow, that throws me off enough that the next orbit, threre's two limps, Buddeman reraises to 500 from the small blind, and I decide to gambool/race and shove out of the big blind for 21BB with... just 88. He naturally has KK, and I don't hit again.

Well, I outlasted Waffles, anyway. But not Jenn.

I did bowl a 192/199/211 series over the weekend, and painted a bathroom without too much fuss, so I got that going for me...

And Thursday there's an AIPS tournament (six-max NL) I need to remember to play - and after that a weekend at Ocean City, so yay!


EDIT: well, ended up bubbling in the Dookie, and watched the wifey get quasi-slowrolled in the Mookie  - but at least i finished second in one of those sillly 90-man turbo SnGs for a plus evening, woot.
Watching Mookie try to pwn/run really goot to take down his own tourney heads up.... and no, not happening. Thought he had it locked up, but Carmen keeps raisinghis leads, getting him to fold, and takes it down.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

hey, mo mook, mo money

Ran the Mookie last night.. (proving I was sweating Speaker, too)

and that would be win #2 of 2008. ship teh mobneys.

 - and I gotta say, from three tables in, once I doubled through on a flip with JJ vs. KQo all-in preflop, I have never felt so in control, like I was going to win a tournament.. Even when I spewed mad chips on the bubble, even when I rivered an ace in a three-way pot to stay alive, even when I spewed a 5-1 chip lead heads up back to being behind.... I just was locked in and focused on sucking up every chip I could.

More later, the usual interesting blow-by-blow, once I get a chance to go through it.

EDIT as I watch JoeSpeaker final table the 28K though I should be asleep.

I sign up late to the Mookie and see my opening table has JoeSpeaker, Lucko, PirateLawyer, Astin, etc... many names. I'm quiet at first, but things get moving.

PL haz overpair?
Blinds 20/40. I have 3160. UTG limps, I limp 9h8h. PirateLawyer raises to 160
from the cutoff, all fold, I call
Heads up to a 984r flop, I check, he c-bets 280, I raise to 1000, he properly folds his overpair as I fast played that too hard - he's not the kind of player to stack off there in that spot.

I play QQ bad...
Same table, blinds 25/50, I have 3670. Lucko21 raises UTG to 175. I flat QQ in MP. Iakaris calls from the BB.
Flop Ks8h8s. Iak checks, Lucko bets 450, we both call.
Turn Ah, checks around
River Kh, checks around - Lucko's AQo beats me and Iak's Ts9s - ack. I don't like reraising a smart UTG raiser in general, and I'm not even sure why I flatted this flop.... I deserved to  lose this pot. I should at least raise the flop here, but I just screwed this up, period.

PL calls light

blinds 25/50, I have 2895 now,  I open raise KQo from the hijack, PirateLawyer calls from the button with a similar stack.
flop 8h55h, checkcheck.
turn Qc, I check intending to call, butPL checks behind.
river 4d, I finally bet 250, PL calls with Js8d.

Really folding AK?
blinds 40/80, PirateLawyer min raises UTG, Iakaris calls, Lucko calls, TheBlueHeron on the button calls - I shove JJ from the small blind for 3050.....

heffmike raises to 3,050, and is all in
Astin folds
PirateLawyer has 15 seconds left to act
PirateLawyer folds
Iakaris folds
lucko21 folds
TheBlueHeron folds
Uncalled bet of 2,890 returned to heffmike
PirateLawyer: yes I can fold AK

I'm not sure that's actually what PL has, but wow, that's a tight fold in this tourney....

I float between 3700 and 4200 forever. I make some steals, Waffles gets moved to my right, when I finally get a double up.

JJ is OK
blinds 100/200. I raise JJ to 550 from cutoff, Iakaris reraises to 1750 from BB.
I decide to shove for 5153, he calls practically allin with KQo. board blanks out.
It's a pretty standard resteal, but a light calling off of chips - then again, 1/3 of his stack's in already, so Iak can't really fold there either.

later, I catch a break....
Scottc25 limps UTG with a 3k stack at 120/240/25. I reraise with 99 to 1200 from the hijack with a 12K stack, PP Walnuts min-reraises from the cutoff to 2160 from a 6800 stack, all fold, I naturally call since his hand is pretty much face up, even though I don't have setmining odds..
flop Th9h3s. I check, he shoves with KK, I call and hold. up to 20K
After that I stay pretty quiet until the final table - picking up blinds, playing pots, but nothing ultra spewy.. but the very first hand there... it folds around to Waffles' SB at 250/500/50, he raises to 1500 with 21K, i reraise to 5000 with 88 with 23K, he tanks and folds.

I get the first two eliminations at the FT (WYLDKARD with 88>AKo, Katitude with AQ>A9) then play a weird hand against LGkiev, who I knew nothing about.

Blinds 300/600/75 - LGKiev raises to 2625 from CO with 37K, I call in BB with Ah8h with 37K we both have around the chip lead seven handed.
flop As3d4c, I check call 4500.
turn 5s, check check
river Jh, I check, he checks behind QJo. I think I need to call a river bet, but I'm not sure if it's actually a good idea in that spot. Without reads, I really thought I needed to get to showdown and see what was going on in the hand.

So, with the chip lead and over 40K in chips seven handed, naturally I start spewing on the money bubble...

spew 1
Dwal78 raises to only 1500 with 17K at 300/600/75, I call in BB with A2o and 44K
flop 9h8h3c, check check
turn 8c, I bet 2800, Dwal78 calls
river 5s, I give up and check, he checks behind with AKo

spew 2
Waffles raises to 1800 with 20K, I call in position with 9h8h and 41K
flop AcKs5d, check check
turn Js, he checks, i bet 3750, Waffles calls.
river Ts completing the flush, he checks, I have to check behind, he has AsQc and I dodge another bullet in a hand I can't bet my way out of if I tried.

really, really bad spew 3
now down to 34K at 400/800/100. folded around, I raise to 3100 with K8o from the small blind, NumbBono shoves from the big blind with 12K, I say GAMBOOL and call,
he has A2o, but the A25 flop is way good. I'M AN IDIOT.

and the very next hand....
with 22K now, MorningThunder open shoves for 12.5K, I reshove with KK from the button. AhJh spikes an A on the flop. I lose. back to below 10K, ick.

So, in the next orbit I open shove AA and AQ to no action, and then...

Full Tilt Poker Game #8023927104: The Mookie (60265189), Table 2 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:40:13 ET - 2008/09/11
Seat 1: heffmike (11,309)
Seat 2: NumbBono (24,024)
Seat 3: dwal78 (20,706)
Seat 4: JoeSpeaker (16,222)
Seat 6: LGkiev (35,198)
Seat 7: MorningThunder (24,690)
Seat 9: SirFWALGMan (29,851)
heffmike antes 100
NumbBono antes 100
dwal78 antes 100
JoeSpeaker antes 100
LGkiev antes 100
MorningThunder antes 100
SirFWALGMan antes 100
JoeSpeaker posts the small blind of 400
LGkiev posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [Ad Qh]
MorningThunder raises to 3,200
SirFWALGMan folds
heffmike raises to 11,209, and is all in
NumbBono folds
dwal78 folds
JoeSpeaker folds
LGkiev calls 10,409
MorningThunder calls 8,009
*** FLOP *** [7d 3d 3s]
LGkiev checks
MorningThunder checks
*** TURN *** [7d 3d 3s] [4d]
LGkiev checks
MorningThunder checks
*** RIVER *** [7d 3d 3s 4d] [As]
LGkiev checks
MorningThunder checks
*** SHOW DOWN ***
heffmike shows [Ad Qh] two pair, Aces and Threes
heffmike: whee?
LGkiev mucks
MorningThunder mucks
heffmike wins the pot (34,727) with two pair, Aces and Threes
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 34,727 | Rake 0
Board: [7d 3d 3s 4d As]
Seat 1: heffmike showed [Ad Qh] and won (34,727) with two pair, Aces and Threes
Seat 2: NumbBono folded before the Flop
Seat 3: dwal78 (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 4: JoeSpeaker (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 6: LGkiev (big blind) mucked [Qc Qs] - two pair, Queens and Threes
Seat 7: MorningThunder mucked [9d 9h] - two pair, Nines and Threes
Seat 9: SirFWALGMan folded before the Flop

Well, that makes up for a lot. And LGkiev's flat in that spot makes me an extra 12K, which is a good thing. Almost back to where I was...

It's quiet past the bubble - Waffles makes a wild resteal shove with J8o against an open raise with no fold equity - he gets called by LGkiev's Q9o, which holds.... After he leaves in sixth I start running good again.

At 600/1200/200, MorningThunder shoves 11.5K with KsQs, I call with ATo, flop K but river A for me...

A few hands later, I raise the button to 4750 with AJo and 58K, JoeSpeaker calls w/28K from the BB.
flop JsTd4s. he checks, I bet 8500, pretty sure he will checkraise allin - which he does for 23K total with T9o
Turn Qh, river Jc. I hold with trips, down to three.

I stay out of the way a lot with half the chips in play, but make the occasional check-raise....

Full Tilt Poker Game #8024349377: The Mookie (60265189), Table 2 - 1000/2000 Ante 250 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:20:29 ET - 2008/09/11
Seat 1: heffmike (88,652)
Seat 3: dwal78 (36,434)
Seat 6: LGkiev (36,914)
heffmike antes 250
dwal78 antes 250
LGkiev antes 250
LGkiev posts the small blind of 1,000
heffmike posts the big blind of 2,000
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [8c 6c]
dwal78 raises to 5,700
LGkiev folds
heffmike calls 3,700
*** FLOP *** [7h 5d 8h]
heffmike checks
dwal78 bets 8,000
heffmike raises to 37,150
dwal78 has 15 seconds left to act
dwal78 folds
Uncalled bet of 29,150 returned to heffmike
heffmike mucks
heffmike wins the pot (29,150)

Finally I open raise AKo on the button with 99K, Dwal reshoves for 24K with 22.
I call, A99 flop. and we're off to headsup with LGkiev. I have an over 3-1 chip lead.

I really start playing aggressively, raising and betting, and win a lot of pots without a showdown.. then
Full Tilt Poker Game #8024407491: The Mookie (60265189), Table 2 - 1200/2400 Ante 300 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:26:33 ET - 2008/09/11
Seat 1: heffmike (141,386)
Seat 6: LGkiev (20,614)
heffmike antes 300
LGkiev antes 300
LGkiev posts the small blind of 1,200
heffmike posts the big blind of 2,400
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [Ac 6h]
LGkiev raises to 7,800
heffmike raises to 24,000
LGkiev calls 12,514, and is all in
heffmike shows [Ac 6h]
LGkiev shows [Qc 5c]
Uncalled bet of 3,686 returned to heffmike
*** FLOP *** [8s Kc 9c]
*** TURN *** [8s Kc 9c] [8d]
*** RIVER *** [8s Kc 9c 8d] [4c]
heffmike shows a pair of Eights
LGkiev shows a flush, King high
LGkiev wins the pot (41,228) with a flush, King high
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 41,228 | Rake 0
Board: [8s Kc 9c 8d 4c]
Seat 1: heffmike (big blind) showed [Ac 6h] and lost with a pair of Eights
Seat 6: LGkiev (small blind) showed [Qc 5c] and won (41,228) with a flush, King high

Ack, silly river.. I chip up again, up to almost 140K, then stack off into the virtual nutz and give up the chip lead....

Full Tilt Poker Game #8024500039: The Mookie (60265189), Table 2 - 1500/3000 Ante 400 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:36:30 ET - 2008/09/11
Seat 1: heffmike (118,072)
Seat 6: LGkiev (43,928)
heffmike antes 400
LGkiev antes 400
LGkiev posts the small blind of 1,500
heffmike posts the big blind of 3,000
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [7h Tc]
LGkiev calls 1,500
heffmike checks
*** FLOP *** [7c 2d 5c]
heffmike bets 5,000
LGkiev calls 5,000
*** TURN *** [7c 2d 5c] [8c]
heffmike bets 20,000
LGkiev raises to 35,528, and is all in
heffmike calls 15,528
LGkiev shows [2c Kc]
heffmike shows [7h Tc]
*** RIVER *** [7c 2d 5c 8c] [8s]
LGkiev shows a flush, King high
heffmike shows two pair, Eights and Sevens
LGkiev wins the pot (87,856) with a flush, King high
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 87,856 | Rake 0
Board: [7c 2d 5c 8c 8s]
Seat 1: heffmike (big blind) showed [7h Tc] and lost with two pair, Eights and Sevens
Seat 6: LGkiev (small blind) showed [2c Kc] and won (87,856) with a flush, King high

I fall all the way down to 68K... then in four hands

down 74K to 88K
LGkiev raises button to 9800, I reraise with KQo to 30K, he calls,
flop Kc9c8s, I shove 43K, he folds

up 104K to 58K now.
I limp 9h7hat 1500/3000/500. he checks.
flop Td5h3h, he leads 6800, i call
turn Ah, he leads 10K, I reraise pot to 50K (so stupidly obvious by me), he folds.

up 124K to 38K
he folds his button I get to muck 52o

up 126k to 36K.
I raise AhJh on button to 9k, he calls.
flop Kh5c8s. he checks. I think I need to bet this dry a flop and pot it to 18K.
he shoves for 9K more - that sucks - I have to call and see Kd6c. boo.
Turn Ac. yay.
river blank, i winz. Mookie #2....

BDR radio was lovely tonite too...  A nice tourney like it always is.....


Thursday, September 4, 2008

well, someone had a good night...

and I think it's a toss-up between on_thg and Sarah Palin...

Play the Mook, nothing special tonite, just can't quite win the flips.

Blinds 20/40, I have 3295,
I open limp 99 UTG. Three callers, including on_thg from the small blind with only 1020 behind.
Flop Jd9s5s. Blinds check, I lead with my set for 120 into the 160 pot, only on_thg calls.
Turn 8d. He checks, I bet 450 into the 400 pot - he only has 860 behind, and tanks before sticking the rest in. I call and see As8s.
River 7s. Boo.

I like a flop raise or donk lead better than checking this turn if you're not instantly shoving over my turn bet, but whatever.YMMV, small beer. Pretty standard, as is the next hand.

Blinds 25/50, one orbit later. I have 2125 after raise/folding 66 to a threebet preflop.
I get AhKh UTG and raise to 150. on_thg has the button and reraises to 525.
I decide to shove (kind of spewy, but I'm not flatting OOP for a 1/4 of my stack), get called with QQ, and don't spike.
He takes my last five chips the next hand when his K9 rivers a boat.

Oh well, I least I got to watch the Palin speech without distractions. She's intriguing. Granted, it's a home crowd and she is pretty much guaranteed to come across well in that environment... but she was charming and had the knack for taking shots at Obama without crossing the line to overly catty (or just batshit pissed like Rudy does). Maybe she'll be allowed to stay on the ticket now, el-o-el.

No, I'm not sold on her or the McCain ticket yet by any stretch of the imagination, though I'm probably leaning that way for a number of reasons (no, this will not become a political blog and yes, I know BOTH parties are not fans of the online pokahs) - but at least all this should make the next two months interesting.
All I feel certain about is that she will probably fare far better than most people think, regardless what actually happens in November.

Then again, I'm lousy with predictions, that's why I don't partake in challenges to beat the vig...


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

speaking of skillz....

small field, but hey, a win's a win. About time I got a chance to play one on these mix games on Tuesdays....

and yes, I played goot and got hit with the deck big time. (ask PirateLawyer or Astin - I started with one pair, tripped up on sixth, fiiled up on seventh and got lucky PL didn't spike so I could scoop on his crucial hand)  Patience is a good thing with a bit of gambool, I suppose.

Honestly, nothing that notable. A couple of times early when I need to make big folds I do so... couple of other times I float and spike.. and naturally there were the moments when my big stack calls a shortie in the stud rounds and gets there by seventh.... but really, once we got to 10 players or so I was on autopilot most of the time as I was trying to close out a PLO8 sit-n-go. Just the way the cards fall.

Yay me. So I've won a WWdN, a Skillz, a Mookie, two AIPS (and shit, I totally forgot about Stud/8 last week and blinded out) ... must get a Riverchasers at some point.