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Thursday, July 17, 2008

gone and back, and gary owes me 30 sklansky bucks

well, been away for a bit..... took the vacation down to Mississippi and back.... more on that later.... rejoined things with the Mookie tonite - and while I final tabled, I was the Bubble Boy, 7th of 52. I don't think I even got one bounty.

Started slow, never got a thing going until the middle of hour two, not even sure how I managed to actually start chipping up, but started opening things up with two tables left and made some hands... had a decent but not average stack at the final table, finally GCox25 openraises half his short stack from UTG+1 seven handed (4375 at 500/1000/125) - I reship AKs from the button, he calls with AJo, but rivers a running fourflush. I have one blind left and go out the next hand.

I'm not sure why he's betting half his stack instead of just shoving with AJo, because it just narrows a reshipper's range to something AJo fairs poorly against, getting 3-1 or not. Thoughts? I mean, I'd ship that holding with less than 10BB way before bet/calling, but whatever - not like it changes anything in that spot..

Anyhow, I joked that I thought about folding AKs (riiiiiiiiiiiight) because of how bad I've been running lately when I shove..... Which brings us to the playing part of the Mississippi experience, the Beau Rivage... the players there owe Jenn and I mad Sklansky bucks, because we kept getting the chips in good and not holding.

9s9x vs. As2x on a 6s7s8s flop
QQ vs. JJ on a 789r flop
AJ vs. KQ on a KQTr flop
AA vs. QQ vs. 77 all in preflop on bubble, naturally the board binks a 7

 I ended up playing a lot of 4/8 LHE just to not have to worry about all the stupid variance - plus the $6/down time charge and way deep stacked 1/2NL games just weren't any real fun -  I actually rather enjoyed live limit's more relaxed pace, as much as it can make your head asplode and would have played 10/20 if it was spread when I was around. Tournaments were fine, although structures were too slow early and too fast in the middle, so a lot of play was gone by hour two or so.. A fun room, but I'd rather play in AC, all things considered - even if the players are more interesting in the South..

Anyhow, going to try to enjoy a few weeks with Jenn and without the kiddies, get some decent play in, try to run good a few times.. Later



dasewh said...

Always fun to play with you, Heff.

I regretted letting you in cheaply a couple of times ... thanks for the wakeup call to play faster preflop. ;)

Anonymous said...

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