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Thursday, July 31, 2008

almost live bloggy for mooknight.

Mookie time... I managed to miss Skillz again this week because life got in the way (promise next week with Pauly's tourney and double stack HORSE, really, I'll be there), but made it for this one. 56 runners. Let her rip!

Things are slow for a bit, then they get fun quickly....

Blinds 30/60, I have 2885, BamBamCan covers.
I raise AA to 175 in EP, Bam reraises to 490 on the button, blinds fold, I flat call
Flop Js9h7s, I check, he thinks, bets 360, I think and reraise to 2150, he shoves the last 245 with KQo, I call.
Turn and river blank, I double up.

I hit the first break top 10 in chips, then early in hour two.....

Blinds 60/120, I have 6265, oossuuu754 barely covers
I raise JdTd UTG+1 to 325, all fold to oossuuu754 in the big blind, he calls.
Flop QT4r, he checks, I c-bet 500, he raises to 1250. I hate c-betting and folding here, so I donk call to see another card, even though he's more likely to have a Q than a draw here.
Turn 9d. Not horrible. He fires 2K, I decide to shove for 4690 total with all my outs (floosh, str8, even a T, lol), especially because that bet size just doesn't feel right for some reason.
As soon as he tanks, I'm thinking, he's got complete air or is trying to hero call with one pair. But he's got to call getting almost 4-1, right?

oossuuu754 has 15 seconds left to act
oossuuu754 has requested TIME
oossuuu754: you got KJ dont you
oossuuu754 is sitting out
oossuuu754 has timed out
oossuuu754 folds
Uncalled bet of 2,690 returned to heffmike
heffmike shows [Jd Td] a pair of Tens
heffmike wins the pot (7,210)

heffmike: got one [part right
PirateLawyer (Observer): lol
oossuuu754: wow bad fold by me
PirateLawyer (Observer): obv ;)
heffmike: I never, in a million years, figured youd fold
heffmike: but it never hurts to try
PirateLawyer (Observer): the str8 was gonna hit, you figured ...
heffmike: or floosh, or T
oossuuu754: i new you were weak but put you on KJ

He said he folded KQ. Sounds right. Although usually I NEVER get a fold like that when I need it, I always get the call whether I want it or not.

At least I ran the semibluff against a thinking player who knows what a fold button is. Bah, I would have hit on the river anyway... :-)

Later PureProphet acts like he has somewhere to be when he shoves 4K into a 1K pot on the flop and I call with KQ on a Kxx board. his A7 gets no joy, and I'm up to 13K.

Then I get moved tables and immediately fuck up a hand vs. the chip leader.

100/200. TraumaPoker has 20K, I have 13K. Only one other stack even had 9K, we have the top two stacks in the tourney.

He raises UTG+1 to 625, all fold, I call with KQo in the big blind.
Flop QhTh4s. I check, he c-bets 950, I call.
Turn Ks. I check LIKE AN IDIOT, he checks behind.
River 9s, I check, he value towns me betting 2200 into a 3250 pot, and even though EVERY DRAW just came in, I call and get shown Jh6s. Sigh. Pwned.

Arrgh, last time I try to pot control a hand with the chipleader that deepstacked and not charge draws... I wanted to bet, but convinced myself that "he doesn't have flush draw or a J, let him draw to his kicker or fire again and I can check raise."
Jeez, just lede next time. I hate playing pots out of position, and if I'm playing them that badly, I should just fold in that spot.

Anyhow, since he's on my left, I decide to nit up for a bit. Naturally, he goes on a tear and chips up to 30K, I stay around 10K as we get to two tables.  End up 5th of 15 at the second break.

As hour three begins, I make a few steals, then Columbo open shoves for 4720 at 250/500, I decide to call with 77 in the BB for a third of my stack. His KJo flops a K. Boo, down below 8K
Play a couple of bad pots where I make some meh folds.
Open shove 6K on TraumaPoker's BB with 22 from the button at 300/600/75, I hold vs. his A3o to double through to 13K.

pick up a few more chips during the level, then six-handed, Ilkkak open shoves UTG for 4100, I think and call from my BB with A4o. It holds vs. KJo. Up to 20K

Then, I think TheBlueHeron temporarily lost his mind.
Five handed at 400/800/100. Folds to me with 20K on the button, Columbo has 3400, TheBlueHeron covers with 31K.
I open raise to 2300 with KJo, Columbo shoves for 3300, TheBlueHeron flats, I call the additional thousand in chips getting nine billion to one..
10k pot to the flop. T94r. TheBlueHeron bets 2500, I fold, he shows AJo (ack!), Columbo has 77.
Turn K. Fuck me.
River blank, Columbo triples up, the dry side pot bluff never works. (since Columbo moneyed, he should ship a buck over to TBH for the favor)

Anyhow, after that, everything is pretty standard short stack, shorthanded poker.. I make the final table 4th in chips with an average stack, 17K at 500/1000/125 - and just can't get anything rolling as we pop the bubble and roll into the money
I open shove a couple of times in standard spots, stay afloat until we get fivehanded....

800/1600/200.  TheBlueHeron has 31k, I have 20K and the short stack. Chip leader has about 55K.
TheBlueHeron open raises UTG to 6600, I have 55 and decide to stop and go, instead of folding or shoving. Probably debatable with 55 that folding > stop&go vs. an UTG raise that big.
Flop Q64, two diamonds. I shove for pot, get called by TT, and don't spike. 5th place for $45. Not bad.
I see J Haze was the winner winner, good stuff for him.


bslapinsky said...

hey Heff, my gf's account is Queens up, use it for the rakeback. Just wanted to give you full disclosure.

bslapinsky said...

So anywhoot. On our s8 hand.

You acted before me with K showing. Uusally play is straight-forward so i figured you for Kings. I had rolled up 8s and I figured with an 8 showing it would look suspicious if I re-raised you.

4th street: You pair, i grab a 5. You bet again. I could have raised this street to find out where I was but the low drawer was so short stacked I figured he was committed anyway. And if I popped you on a higher street I would
find out real quick if you had the set.

5th: I dont remember what you caught but i didnt think it boated you. With my weird board I could represent a straight if you did have it, and possibly get you to fold. And you're right, calling with straight cards is not uncommon.

I see what you were saying about 4th and raising the low drawers, in this situation i figured you would call my 4th street raise because my board didnt make sense.

i wouldnt have hit that boat if you called. Yes i was lucky, and yes im a moron. :-)