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Thursday, June 26, 2008

the weekly mook update, deja vu

out in 11th (again, I should just call it the Heff) getting completely coolered.. I have 8K at 250/500/50 at a six handed table in the cutoff. DrewFours open shoves for 7K, I reshove, NYRambler reshoves again for 9k
DrewFours - QQ
Me - AK
NYRambler - KK
Flop - A.. K... who cares, I'm toast, gg me.

Win the pot, become a chip leader. Lose, buh-bye

That'll happen. Almost made enough in KOs to pay for the tourney, though. Very first hand, stack LJ, although she had other fish to fry final tabling MSOP 44 at the same time.

She openraises to 90, I call on button with T9. blinds fold.
flop QJx, she c-bets 2/3 pot, I call in position with the draw.
turn K (cool), she leads, I reraise, she tanks and shoves, I call, board doesn't pair for her KK.

Run a stack up to about 7500, then donk if off to twoblackaces....

Open raise AQ in MP at 50/100 to 300, TBA calls in the BB.
Flop AK8r, he donks into me a pot size bet... I think - no, a big hand doesn't bet pot here, he's got a K or meh A trying to see if I'll lay down. I reraise half his stack, he shoves, I have to call and see his K8s and I'm smoked down to 2200.

Nice line, actually, by him. I can't pay him off unless I have a hand, might as well take a strong line, lede, and induce a raise, because he's getting it in the middle every time on that board if I let him. ALMOST flatted the flop to see what he'd do on the turn (fold if he bets, flip a coin on WTFto do if he checks) but convinced myself he didn't have twopair/set enough to fall into the tarp. I freaking pay him off FAR too much when he outflops me.

Short stack ninja my way around for the next hour, win a race with when I shove 66 over an AK raise and hold...but otherwise standard poker until I dust off my stack. Always fun to play the Mook, even when the host is in LV..

Which reminds me, we're solid for a Beau Rivage stay in Biloxi next month, so we'll see how the time charge at 1/2NL treats us....

Oh, and PL... I had complete crap on the QQ hand. Open raised A3o in EP.
Just screwing around - not a complete nit.


1 comment:

dasewh said...

Be that as it may .... somehow I managed to blow a huge chiplead (33K at peak with 12 left as you and Drew busted out) and was out in 9th.

That's what happens when you lose two hands on the river to 3-outers and a 60/40 AIPF as the favourite.

Pretty gross. I would rather lose to a cooler like yours. At least that's memorable and there's a story to tell. Not like getting all the money in preflop with 99 vs. jecimed's Q8o and losing, or getting it all in on a Q-high flop with KQ and watching AT catch an ace on the river.