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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

rinse and repeat.

yes, played the MSOP #33 Stud/8 last night. slightly different verse this time. I'm starting to believe the key in these tourneys is win one or two huge pots by sticking your money in behind on every street and rivering some 10% chance to scoop, then start gambooling with your luckboxed big stack and take every thin edge you can, because, gee, you can't lose every pot, no matter how hard you try..... sigh. Anyhow, story is...

-Run ridiculous hot first hour, double thru in chips, top 10% stack.
-Go cold in second hour, drift back to middle of the pack.
-Get on a little heater again in hour three, stay around top 30 in chips. See some of the usual split pot suspects, LJ, Lucko, djhomeschool, predator06, bounce out....
-Get a table change, get absolutely hosed on every big hand, have people drive me batty by bringing-in, then TANKING on whether or not to call a completion with (KK)3 heads up, supposedly, before folding. Head asplodes as in a heads-up pot on third street in Stud/8 
there's a decision that demands a time bank like MAYBE 1% of the time. Play or don't play, but don't waste our time.

In hour four make some silly, thin value bets on seventh when checked to that 1) get called and 2) I actually get scooped on, oops. Finally get (A3)7 capped all-in on third against (87)8, make two pair no low on the river as villain rivers a flush, out in 45th, 32 pay.

This is getting very tiresome, as I keep going carddead late in tourneys around bubble time, where if I can just win one big pot, I'm in solid shape, but if I lose that pot I'm barely alive. Every time in these limit tourneys, I end up on a knife edge in hour three: I can't just run over the table and bet people off of hands, I've got to bet for value, get to and win showdowns to stay alive.  I'm just really pissed off to spend over three hours to bubble more than anything else, while I watch people that play ok, but make really bad decisions that luckily pay off, get deep....

Unlike the Skillz game, where I played like a muppet and waslucky not to finish 17 of 17 - I like HOE. I like it better when I don't get rivered or outflopped every other pot, and play horribly the other half of the time. It was enjoyable despite that, because I really don't care if I get hosed or not in these tourneys post-BBT3 and am happy to talk about lines and situations in blogger tourneys where I wouldn't go there under other circumstances.  Out in 14th or 15th, but I honestly wasn't paying that much attention after I got short, I was focused on the other tournament I was wiffing Tuesday night.....

Sigh. Tonite was just a waste of time and money. Boo.


andrewhime said...

djhomeschool sucked rhino cock last night. It was embarrassing. It's been a cold cold MSOP for me. It's been a cold cold two months for me.

dasewh said...

Please don't educate the fish in the Skillz game . . . it is entertaining to see how badly people can play limit games.