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Thursday, June 5, 2008

MSOP 10. people suck. that's it

Played the OE tourney tonite. 128 of 626. 64 pay.

I swear, the dumbest motherfuckers play these limit O8/Stud 8 games. It was a 50/50 shot at a table that the big stack either was completely in control and knew what they were doing, or they were a total lobotomized drooling donk. People just toss chips around with the shittiest starters hoping to flop perfect or catch runner runner runner.....

Anyhow, had a meh opening table with a couple of horrid players that were ATMs for me when I could isolate them in a pot.. .got up to the top 10% in chips a couple of times., but spent the last hour and change of the three hour tour just trying to stay average in chips.. Finally played a couple loose pots in level 15 (O8 800/1600, I only had 11K) and dumped the stack away to some 9623 hand that played a threebet pot from UTG multiway,


That is all until Saturday.

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