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Monday, June 2, 2008

it's finally over

Yay - final tabled the Big Game, played really well and ran good, just rolled through the first 2 1/2 hours with a huge chip lead.
Boo - kept getting three outed at the final two tables (86 vs. Shabazz Jenkins' K8 in a limped BvB pot, all in on 86x flop, K turn for a third of my stack, went out in 7th shoving AJs over top of a preflop raise by maneki_neko's ATo, got called, T on the flop), finished 7th for only $193 instead of the $1600 out there for first.

The formula is so heavy I don't know if it was enough to get top 20 overall or not, I have a feeling I'm 21st.. :-). I knew during the final two tables I couldn't catch anyone for May's leaderboard even with a win, so that was kind of a bummer. Still, at least I leave the BBT3 on a high note heading into the TOC.

Also turned a token into T$216 tonite, so it was a pretty good night overall... but geez, I should've gotten deeper.

Thanks to Al, Hoy, Chad, Mook, and Miami Don for hosting all this stuff.

It sucked for me at first, but it was a nice ride at the end....


1 comment:

dasewh said...

Well done. See you in a week at the ToC.

If you want to see some sick stuff, see some of what maneki did in Hour 2 in my tourney recap vs. me and lucko.