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Thursday, May 1, 2008

david chiu is my hero

Logged on just too late to get into Skillz Tuesday (goot, a Stud high tourney can be trying after a few hours) but got into the Mookie and final tabled again -

although I was such a short stack for the last two tables that was I just hanging on like everyone's favorite FTP pro David Chiu, looking for a bump up the pay scale and maybe a luckbox double up or two to be a factor. Out in 5th for $79 with the monster 84o in the BB vs. Lucko's KK - one of the few times he had the best hand when all in preflop.

I got to watch the Lucko show for about the last three tables (we never broke and he was on my left, boo) - and he plays very laggy gambool with a stack that covers. Once he raises, you better threebet for value and not a move, since he will call shoves light preflop with 40/60 hands, QT-ish type stuff, at the drop of a hat. It's a style that's maddening when it runs goot (and boy did he hit every time he had to in a big pot) but it's also correct in the grand scheme of things in this type of tournament.

I need to do that more, but I never have a big stack, so I better learn how to get one someday... Anyhow, he took it down vs. Columbo for like his third seat or whatever.

Otherwise, Operation UberNit was in full swing. I don't like playing like this, but it's the only way I can get anything to work in a MTT right now. God, I wish there was a PLO8 tourney soon, I have so much more fun with those games....

Funny, while Lucko was giving everyone else action, he only called me once, and AJ >AT, yay me.  Basically, things were standard the whole tournament, never had AA/KK, but AK/AQ a ton of times, along with a lot of middle pairs 77-JJ, and when I was in a good spot I raised and stole blinds like mad. People backed out of the way, quit restealing since my range had narrowed so much, and I just tried to keep up with the blinds and antes as we got deeper in the tourney.

In fact I think I passed up thin edges a couple of times when there was a standard open raise in front of me and I hold 88-TT in position with around 15-20 BB.

Shoving seems icky, even with fold equity, because
NO ONE FOLDS PREFLOP after they raise OOP and are then threebet in these BBT3 tourneys, so when called you're flipping or crushed
Flat calling is ok but a little obvious that you only sort of like your hand, unless you mix it up with AA/KK as well - and folding seems so el-oh-el weak... but I ended up folding in a couple of spots where, if I'm going to get a stack that matters, I gotta try and go for it.

Sure I final tabled tonite, but who wants to get there with just a 8BB stack and a slim chance at winning, so big deal, all in all. But, it's better to be fifth than 105th.


1 comment:

pvanharibo said...

gg. i love that the picture shows lucko raising. perfect capture!