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Sunday, March 23, 2008

what, i playz live?

   So Jenn and I had a pretty nice time in Pittsburgh this weekend, but we had some extra time Saturday before heading back home.... and hey, did you know there's now live poker just 45 minutes from the Steel City?  So, we decided to have a spur of the moment adventure at Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort.

  Yeah, it's another one of those horse/dog tracks that have added slots and gaming over the years to keep up: much like most of the Florida card rooms, the poker room sits underneath the grandstand of the racing track. It's actually a decent looking place - not Sarasota nice, but reasonable enough, with autoshufflers, decent lighting, and fairly new, although lightweight, tables and chairs. About 30-odd tables, spreading a ton of 1-2NL, a few 2-4/3-6/4-8 limit tables, and a couple of 2-5 and 5-10 NL tables.

    Jenn and I sat down at a new 1-2 table and bought in for 200 apiece - I had heard
thatthe play was atrocious, but we must have sat at the tight-weakest tablein the place. While I think only one or two guys were really that good,no one was completely horrible - well, one guy was..... - but it wassuch a dead table. Usually 4-6 people to a flop, someone bet the flopand took it down, or someone bet the flop, got called, shut down on theturn and folded to pressure. I really could have played on autopilot.
Anyhow - onto the hands.

* I keep whiffing with hands like 98, JTs on the flop and bleed a few bucks until I raise 99 to $11 in EP. Jenn (on my direct left) folds, kind of laggy guy in mirrored sunglasses that just lost a big pot shoves for $55. Folds back around to me. I think and decide to gamble and call. He shows JJ, I don't spike a two outer and muck after the board runs out.

* I drop all the way to 100 before starting to rally a bit. I turn a ten-high flush against Mr. JJ and get two streets of value out of him (even though he had position, I value bet him to death all session and he reliably paid off every time)

* Then, Jenn raises to $8 UTG. three callers, I call with 88 in the big blind hoping 1) I flop a set and2) I don't stack my wife in the process.
Flop 843, two hearts. Joy.
I decide to lead out for $25 and not be tricky. Jenn calls. (not good) Someone else shoves for $113 more. I ask for a count and naturally reshove for $30 on top of that. Jenn tanks. I actually would rather have her fold, because I'm 99% sure she has an overpair, and villain has a flush draw - both of us don't need to get stacked if he spikes - but I can't really say anything here.
She folds - Villain has KhJh and doesn't spike. I win. Jenn says she folded AA. Smart, and a standard cash game fold. She knows I pretty much have to have a set to play that flop that fast.

*After that, things go smoothly until three people limp in front of me and I decide to raise AJo to $15 - I'd already done this 2-3 times with air and gotten everyone to fold - but this time one of the overlimpers calls. I don't even look at the flop and watch him as he decides to donk into me with a $25 bet?
Flop J82 rainbow.
Well, he has only about $75 behind, so I decide it's more likely he has something like KJ/QJ than something really big here - after all, I'm probably going to bet this flop 110% of the time, even with AK at this nitty table, so it's a great spot for a checkraise - so I decide to just go ahead and raise to $75 and play for stacks with TPTK like an idiot.
Now he tanks, talks about being dominated, yaddayaddayadda.... and finally shoves his last 30 in the pot. I call, and he asks me if I have Kings or Aces??????
WTF. I say of course not as he rolls over QQ. I show and ask the dealer for an ace.
Turn J.
That's good enough.

And that's how the both of us combined ended up +160 instead of -50 for the day. Play a big pot with one pair and spike a five-outer. I'm so good, lol.

Anyhow, a decent enough room, although strangely quiet and subdued... no one at our table was all that chatty or animated for a Saturday afternoon - and you'd think when West Virginia beat Duke people would at least be somewhat happy for the state school - but we may as well be in Ohio or Pennsylvania up there, so maybe not. At least no one there was Atlantic City grumpy, and I actually came out ahead for the two hour session, so it was a worthwhile side trip that paid for itself, yay.

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