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Friday, March 28, 2008

time out for rotogeekness....

A brief respite from maddening cards - and yeah, not only did Jenn last longer in both Riverchasers and AIPS last night, she just about final tabled AGAIN in RC and finished 11th.

Unreal. She's 2-2 in BBT3 events as far as getting points, and just missed the money last night. She has the uncanny ability to play bass-ackwards on purpose, spike, and still get paid off. I'm amazed. More on that later.

On to more important stuff.... ROTO!   Yeah, I usually try to play a free online, competitve league every season, conventional 5x5 scoring. I have a knack for finishing second all the time - the last five years have been 2nd-2nd-3rd-2nd-2nd finishes. Last year, I decided to try something different, since I got tired of keeping track of the entire baseball realm - I decided to only focus on, draft, and play Latino players.... and hugochavezlovechild was born....

(yeah, I'm half-japanese, but there's no way I'm trying to build a all-asian team - just not enough players)

Now, last year, the name was better, since I had a ton of Venezuelans on the team, but this year I managed to pick up more Dominicans - anyhow, I think I just like making my life more difficult than it needs to be... Here's the roster, with some U.S.-born players of Latin descent.

Victor Martinez, Venezuela
Adrian Gonzalez, California
Robinson Cano, Dominican Republic
Edwin Encarnacion, Dominican Republic
Jose Reyes, Dominican Republic
Alex Rios, Alabama/Puerto Rican
Bobby Abreu, Venezuela
Willy Taveras, Dominican Republic
Raul Ibanez, NYC
Dustin Pedroia, California
Carlos Delgado, Puerto Rico
Melky Cabrera, Dominican Republic
Marco Scutaro, Venezuela
Francisco Liriano, Dominican Republic
Javier Vazquez, Puerto Rico
Francisco Cordero, Dominican Republic
Joakim Soria, Mexico
Matt Garza, California
Yovani Gallardo, Mexico
Daniel Cabrera, Dominican Republic
Franklin Morales, Venezuela
Carlos Villanueva, Dominican Republic

So we'll see how they do...

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