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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

one orbit tells the tale.

Third rotation of Stud/8 in Skillz last night - I'm about average in chips, but that's only 8 big bets at this point. Which is why you can crash and burn in one orbit just like that....

Hand1- low brings in for 100, I complete with (76)4 to 400, a T flat calls (lol), bayne raises allin to 615 with (xx)7, I threebet, the T folds and bayne is rolled up with the other two sevens..... He fills up, I don't even make a low.

Hand3- I bring in with (Kd7d)2h... everyone else (J, T, 9, 9) folds, Zeem calls with  (xx)Kc, cawfoocaw folds his King.. heads up to fourth in a limped pot.

Fourth, he has (xx)Kc7s, I get
(Kd7d)2hQc, he checks, I check
he has (xx)Kc7s4d, I get (Kd7d)2hQcJd, he checks, I bet, figuring he has nothing, but he calls.
Sixth, he
has (xx)Kc7s4d8h, I brick with (Kd7d)2hQcJd6c, now he bets???? and since I don't have any real hand or draw either way, I have to fold.

Hand6- still with 4200 chips - I have (TsTd)Qd, cawfoocaw brings in with (xx)7c, I complete, all fold behind, he calls - heads up to fourth

Fourth, I have
(TsTd)QdKd, he has (xx)7c2d. I bet, he calls
Fifth, I have (
TsTd)QdKdAd, he has (xx)7c2d4c, I bet (too much draw now, he doesn't have to have a low yet), he calls
I brick with (TsTd)QdKdAd, he has (xx)7c2d4cKc, I check, he checks behind?
Seventh, I brick again with a 6, I check call for one bet, cawfoocaw has (9c5h)7c2d4cKc3c for the runnerrunnerrunner flush and low to scoop.
 I don't know how he sticks around on fourth with nothing but runner runner draws (no way he started with 753, because I get bet into SOMEWHERE in this hand before the river) but whatever. I'm used to going from scooping on sixth to being scooped on seventh by now.

Hand7- holding (6c3s)7c now with just 1800 chips, bayne brings in with (xx)4d,
Zeem calls with (xx)8d, I complete, both call, three to fourth street with a J, K, 5, and 7 dead

Fourth, I have (
6c3s)7cJc (ick) bayne catches a Q, Zeem an Ad (double ick), he bets, we both call.
Fifth, I catch (
6c3s)7cJc5s, bayne another Q, Zeem another Ace - Zeem leads, I shove hoping I have a better low draw that can backdoor into something, bayne folds, and I'm up against Zeem's (2d7d)8dAdAh. Triple ick.

He makes a 76 low and his flush, I make absolutely nothing.

I vanish 30-something of 70-something (this is a recording)


1 comment:

zeemjr said...

I totally wasted your chips!  

good to see you, you're bound to get a nice score soon.