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Sunday, March 16, 2008

i see all futures but my own

so, uh, yeah, as I predicted, Jenn made it to the Riverchasers final table Thursday - finished sixth - while I didn't make it out of the first hour due to my shitty play...

    My night was pretty simple - donk around, open raise A5o from LP, VinNay cold calls from the button. flop 865, I check call 2/3rd pot, intending to evaluate the turn. turn Ace, I check, he shoves for 2x pot... - and somehow, even though I only have a bluffcatcher, I quickly call and see 88 for the flopped set. Yeah, I fell for the overbet for value, but honestly, I couldn't figure out, if he actually had a big hand, wtf the bet was for. I'm not calling with one pair, I'm probably already betting or reraising with another set or the unlikely straight, and if I have something like 87, I'm probably not calling a shove on the turn anyway.... It just seemed like my range for calling the shove are sets, straights, and turned two pairs - and I'm not sure how EV that overbet really is. Anyway, I keep opening too loose and getting killed by it.
    After that, I just went into monkey shove mode  - sucked out KT vs. a limped A9o, then promptly shoved AJo into an openraise for 14BB, knowing it was probably a mistake, and couldn't suck out against AA.

    Meanwhile, it was interesting railing Jenn, and seeing someone play a completely different style from your own - not stealing a lot of pots preflop, extremely tight hand selection (folding AQo on the button to one MP open raise) and not a lot of splashing around before the turn on any hand she plays... She was always a short stack, but managed to nurse it to the final table where she couldn't fade QQ v. 99 all in preflop to a 9 on the flop. Shoot, there were even times near the bubble where she minraised or shoved, people were getting close to 3-1, could afford to call, and STILL folded. Nice image.  Funny thing is, even though she's fine on her own, she would still ask me about lines and what to do in certain spots.
    I don't really know jack, but it's fun to think someone else believes you do. Anyhow, she did really well on her own, and I'm sure she'll play again soon.

    Just not this week. Kids are out of town for the week on Spring Break visiting family - we're heading out of town ourselves on a mini-vacation - I may play early in the week, but we've got quite a few events planned and we may be otherwise indisposed..... Plus the way I've been playing and running - very Hindenberg-like - a break is probably good anyway.


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