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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BBT3, the Mook

   Ok, even though I love the Skillz series, I was just way too tired to deal with a Stud-high tourney last night, so I just goofed around , upgraded a $26 token to a $75, and went to bed. But I did decide to attack the Mookie tonite.... and surprisingly only 117 runners.... anyhow, I played my usual stupid tournament game and went out just after the first break in 61st. God, my results suck this week.

   Nothing notable. Chipped up from 1500 to 2200 pretty easily, then got silly in a BvB battle like I always do... I raise jmlaberie18s blind to 125 at 25/50, he three bets to 425, I don't feel like folding A9, but shoving it, and his AK shockingly 1) calls and 2) holds up...... and I donk my way down to 750 in chips...... sigh - it's a Heff Idiot Moment - I'd patent it, but I think Mike Matusow's already taken care of that. ...
   I do stack back up to around 1350 at the break, and first hand back open raise AJ to 420 at 60/120 blinds in EP and have Mattazuma shove for just about my stack (I cover by 20, whoopee) I hate calling, but do, because folding's worse, and can't suckout against KK.  GG me.

  I am a MAGNET for big hands when I want to play a big pot.
  I may not do Riverchasers and Skillz coming up, because I like PLO about as much as scrubbing my ass with a cheese grater - but hey, I would probably enjoy shoving or calling pot bets every street, because no matter what you have in PLO, you're either a huge 45-55 dog, or a monster 55-45 favorite.... :-)

Later, GL all.  Heff

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