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Friday, November 30, 2007

holiday season....

    Hello December (almost).... Let's see, I finally got deep in one of these deepstacked BBT2 tourneys in Riverchasers Thursday (5th of 86)  - basically by being a supernit uber-TAG. I actually folded AKs to a UTG raise and button shove from the BB (I covered the button, but not the UTG raiser) to complete my rock degree.
    I played basically like a 15/12 TAG, won two coinflips to double up twice, sucked out once openshoving AT into JJ with 9 blinds, and basically played smart until I had to watch my AQ<AJ all in preflop to a J on the flop, then open shoved 44 UTG five handed for 8 blinds....... and got cold called, not reraised, by someone holding 66 for a 1/3 of their stack on the button with the blinds behind. I flopped a 4, yay.

Sigh. At least he got owned by the King Of Donks for second. Anyway, the holidays were good. We got a tree the day after Thanksgiving, and it looks good. The kids and wife look good. Even the job may be semi-goot. Hopefully, it will keep being all good.

goodygoodygoody. I'm such an clown.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

yeah, it's a bitch blog now.

  Playing smart in the Mookie. raising and restealing a lot, but playing small ball and feeling on top of my game. Early in hour 2, short stack shoves for 10BB, I shove over top out of the small blind for 30BB with AK..... and the BB goes allin with, you guessed it, the only hand he can do that with, AA.
   I so hate this game. Last week I played well but couldn't fade AK vs. QJ allin preflop, then had to open shove A9 for 10BB into 99 just a couple of players off the points bubble in hour 3.

   Someday there will be a cheery, happy post here. In the meantime, grumblegrumblegrumble.