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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

completely ephemeral and superfluous poker content.

  There have been a lot of heavy, heavy things going on in our lives recently. I'm not sure what to say about them at this point. After our trip down to Mississippi later this week I'll probably be able to coalesce my thoughts a bit more. With that in mind, I figured the Hoy this week was more of a pleasant distraction than usual.
I really like the deepstack structure. I wish the Mookie played like this, but then we'd really be there all night... Anyhow, I chip up early, splash around a bit, get sloppy in a blind on blind battle with ChapelncHill (limp preflop, check call an AJx two heart board with QJ, get bet into on a J turn and raise too little, then block bet the heart river, but end up calling the raise anyway and get shown the nut flush - uberdonk heff, chapel learns much from this guy)
I'm down to 1900, get moved to Hoy's table, bleed some more, double through with KdQd out of the blinds vs. JJ on a Qc8c9x flop - and then do this.......
Full Tilt Poker Game #2771328819: Mondays at the Hoy (19464498), Table 1 - 60/120 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:07:07 ET - 2007/06/25
Seat 1: garthmeister (4,828), is sitting out
Seat 2: Wippy1313 (2,210), is sitting out
Seat 3: hoyazo (4,727)
Seat 4: cracknaces (6,012)
Seat 5: heffmike (2,500)
Seat 6: ChapelncHill (6,310)
Seat 7: Itsoroulette (4,716)
Seat 9: summer_babe (7,301)
heffmike posts the small blind of 60
ChapelncHill posts the big blind of 120
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [Jh Ah]
Itsoroulette folds
summer_babe folds
garthmeister folds
Wippy1313 folds
hoyazo raises to 360
cracknaces folds
heffmike has 15 seconds left to act
heffmike raises to 1,300
ChapelncHill folds
garthmeister has returned
hoyazo has 15 seconds left to act
hoyazo raises to 2,499
heffmike raises to 2,500, and is all in
hoyazo calls 1
heffmike shows [Jh Ah]
hoyazo shows [Ks Kd]
*** FLOP *** [As Qs Js]
hoyazo: nice
*** TURN *** [As Qs Js] [3c]
*** RIVER *** [As Qs Js 3c] [5d]
heffmike shows two pair, Aces and Jacks
hoyazo shows a pair of Kings
heffmike wins the pot (5,120) with two pair, Aces and Jacks

uh, yeah. Honestly..
1) I temporarily forgot how deep I was - for some reason I still felt like I only had 10-12BB, instead of over 20BB. - so I got in my head that I wanted to play for stacks here preflop with what I felt was the best hand, especially after it folded to Hoy. I made up my mind when Hoy raised I was going to get it in preflop (a bad idea)
2) Hoy's openraising from the cutoff - that doesn't necessarily mean anything. could be monster, steal with air, misclick, whatever.
3) I reraise 1/2 my stack to rep a monster (more on that later) and let Hoy know I won't fold to a push getting 3-1 if he jams (I'm priced in even if dominated)  - so he may fold AQ-AT, or 77-TT, because he probably won't want to play for half his stack with those hands. Naturally, when he has a real hand I'm FUBAR.
Basically, I fucked up. At least I screw the pooch with aggression.
Anyway, the line sucks when he holds KK, of course. Hell, it probably sucks period. I should just call there and take a flop - and it probably all gets in anyway because I'm dumb enough to stack off with top and bottom pair on that board....
I float around some more and try not to do anything else stupid for a couple of levels. I shove over top of Wippy1313's 6BB push, but ATs<44. I'm down to 2700 at 100/200 when I pick up two Kings in the small blind. Iggy open raises in EP, I do the 1/2 stack reraise thing again from the blinds, since it looks stupid after the AJ hand.
Iggy shoves, I call, KhKx no good on a four heart board.... against AhAx... GG me in 26th of 54, coolered.
Given recent events, that's not even close to a bad beat. Say some prayers if you can.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ali stoled myz avatars, and Jdags pwns again.

It's odd, I hop on a 8/16 HORSE table on a lark, and before I know it, I get two guys in red type to sit down?

I'm not sure what it means that Ali and I use the same avatar.... :-)

This is what I get for trying to play back at a pro.

Full Tilt Poker Game #2716949909: Table Ali Nejad - $8/$16 - Limit Hold'em - 2:17:26 ET - 2007/06/20
Seat 1: heffmike ($430.25)
Seat 2: rugger55 ($125)
Seat 3: Clarabell ($131)
Seat 4: Ali Nejad ($597)
Seat 5: Lilah ($836.25)
Seat 6: CheckRaiza ($111.20)
Seat 7: Bati99 ($476.75)
Seat 8: John DAgostino ($439.50)
John DAgostino posts the small blind of $4
heffmike posts the big blind of $8
5 seconds left to act
Clarabell is sitting out
Time has expired
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to heffmike [8s Kh]
Clarabell has returned
CheckRaiza folds
John DAgostino raises to $16
heffmike calls $8
*** FLOP *** [3d Jc 5c]
John DAgostino bets $8
heffmike raises to $16
John DAgostino calls $8
*** TURN *** [3d Jc 5c] [6d]
John DAgostino checks
heffmike bets $16
John DAgostino calls $16
*** RIVER *** [3d Jc 5c 6d] [As]
John DAgostino bets $16
heffmike raises to $32
John DAgostino has 15 seconds left to act
John DAgostino calls $16
*** SHOW DOWN ***
heffmike shows [8s Kh] Ace King high
John DAgostino shows [Ad 2d] a pair of Aces
John DAgostino wins the pot ($159) with a pair of Aces

heffmike: ahem. pwned.

arrrrrrrrrrgh  - that's a hell of a thin call there. I take the same line with two pair/set. I guess he really knew I had air or put me on something like QQ? I just wish he rolled over A4 there, or something more than A2. Anyways..... the other players were bad enough I still made $$$$.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

huh, final table a tourney? unpossible.....

I never get to play the Hoy because I'm usually working or busy on Mondays, but I had some free time and registered on a whim just before the tourney started.

Yay for double stack tourneys and some time to play in the first couple of hours!

I finished 4th of 55 for +7 buyins. Not too bad. Especially since I know most of the other players in the Hoy are a hell of a lot better tourney players than me.

  I doubled through bayne_s early when my KK flopped a set and turned a boat on a three flush board. I'm not sure what he had there, since my other computer doesn't save hand histories - prolly an underboat, maybe a flush (river was a fourth heart, but I don't think he stacks off on a paired board there)  Anyhow, that gave me enough chips to play patiently and weather a few allins vs. shorter stacks that didn't go my way. For some reason
Cracknaces, just owned me from my right, which really sucks. He thought I was a lot more ticked off than I was - sometimes I talk to elicit a response, sometimes it's just to needle, sometimes it's because I know I'm getting pwned out of position by a smart player.....

  When we got to two tables, I hit a rush of cards - I didn't get any action with KK, then AK, then AA, in three orbits, but still managed to chip up with all my other hands - I won allins when I was racing and when I dominated, generally had hands hold up when they were supposed to, and got out of the way when in marginal spots.
  I had the chip lead briefly during the final table, but lost it, then had cmitch double through on a self-described donk call with A9 in the big blind after I open jammed the button with 55 (I overbet for 20BB, but because the stacks were so shallow - everyone had between 20-30BB and there was a jam in 75% of the hands for about 45 minutes -  I figured FishyMcDonk folds a lot in the small blind and cmitch would be temped to call for 10BB with two big cards - which is what happened. I just didn't hold up.)

 Five handed, there's cmitch, FishyMcDonk, HighonPoker, Cracknaces, and me. I've got to be the fifth-best player there - hell, prolly sixth-best. At least I did what I could - I'm not the smartest player with a 15-20BB stack, and prolly got run over a lot. Since we're so shallow there really isn't room make moves or play postflop -  so I end up making larger preflop raises to commit myself if I get reraised and gain some fold equity - which isn't ideal. I gotta work on that.
  So, anyway, I finally open on the button at 1k/2k for half my stack, 10K, with KJo, cmitch shoves with 77, I call, since I priced myself in on purpose, flop K7x.... gg me. At least he took it down, so it's another time I manage to gift my chips directly to the winner.

Meh, I played well. Only one stupid suckout - 88 >QQ all in on an undercard flop when I river an 8 - so GG me.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

love and marriage

"Today was a good day" - Ice Cube......

I'm a sap. It's good to marry the one you love.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

i do actually play better than this, banana boys

well, Ante Up's LO8 tourney was this afternoon - 45 runners - I go out in 19th and should have done better. The crew can play some hold'em and loves razz, but geez they are horrible at split pot games. Too many people chasing multiple streets for half the pot in HU situations, too much junk in general.

I chipped up ok in the first hour, always knew where I was at in hands - twice I raise preflop with A234ds, flop a low draw, and end up on the river with nada but A-high - get moved during the break, chip up some more and feel good about my play - then I get silly and open raise KQQT and get three bet by a short stacked SB, Popeye 40 - I call, he leads a 925 flop. I decided to raise and get it in because he may not have AAxx, but A3xx or something - naturally, it's AAxx and I'm go from Top 10 to bottom 10 in chips.

I get into a pissing match with PokerGeek blind v blind with A24x (he raises from SB, I three bet, he calls, checks 666 flop, I bet, he folds, I show) but then he sucks out on me in two big pots in five minutes and I'm gone.

He raises AKQJ in the cutoff, I three-bet him AI with KKh24h, all fold, flop AA9, I don't backdoor a flush or low.

I raise AA58 UTG, blinds call. flop 3c69c, PokerGeek leads, I raise, SB folds, he calls.
Turn 7c. We get it in because we both only have two bets left, he shows KK24 with two clubs (arrgh) and somehow I can't make a better low on the river.

geez, he better go deep - this year's AIPS tourneys, I've had a disturbing trend of gifting chips to winners. - anyway, back to painting the kitchen....


Thursday, June 7, 2007

freaking gigli. dammit.

You know, it's really hard to be the first one out of a 51-person tournament. Unless you are me. I think it's the second time I've done it at the Mookie this year, and it's not even a bad beat.

Level 1, EP raises 3x blind, I reraise from 90 to 250 with AKo to isolate, all fold, EP calls.
Flop 9xx, two spades - he checks, I c-bet, he jams, I'm too stupid to fold, I have a third of my stack in, and convince myself he has a draw - which I'm barely in front of anyway.

I call, AK<QQ, boy I suck.

At least I had a decent time donking around the O8 and HORSE tables until the Dookie came around and I finished in the money for once, 3rd of 22 (sort of, I'm sure half the people forgot about the freeroll) - so I'm not a complete idiot.

My tournament game sucks lately. Even when I make a final table third in chips at a 180-man SnG, I finish 9th when AQ<22 on a A72Q9 board. We both slowplayed until the river.  Sigh. GG me.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

ensign crusher departing.....

 Well, I've taken down the WWdN once or twice (I can't remember which), but haven't played in a few months since my work schedule changed.... I'm making a special effort for this one.

 Wil always put together a fun tourney, writes a wonderful blog and (I think) has deserved a little better than he's gotten over the last few years. This and painting the house - my Tuesday night... :-)

EDIT - naturally out in the first hour, 52 of 67.
get silly callingdown with second pair and bluff raising a c-bet to lose half my stack
have to reraise with KK/QQ/TT to pick up some preflop raises with nosubstantial action
lose AJ>AQ to a shortie's push over top of mypreflop raise
finally raise AK UTG and get two callers, flop Ah9xKh,I get it in vs. 9h8h on the flop - the heart doesn't come, but the 9 onthe turn smokes me. boo.

heffmike [observer]: wil, just busted - thanks for everything, for running the WWdN, and good luck to you, sir! :-)
Dealer: Wil Wheaton folds
Wil Wheaton: ty so much for playing, heffmike
heffmike [observer]: np
Wil Wheaton: very best of luck to you, sir