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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hey, finally achieved a GOAL-golgolgolgol!!!!

Ok, I've played some Fantasy Baseball in the past, done fairly well at it, and always manage to finish 2nd or 3rd in my leagues.... I've always wanted to draft an all-Latino team, but forgot to do it every March - until today!

Victor Martinez - Venezuelan
Carlos Delgado - Puerto Rican
Freddy Sanchez - born in Hollywood, California
Aramis Ramirez - Dominican
Felipe Lopez - Puerto Rican
Magglio Ordonez - Venezuelan
Alex Rios - born in Alabama (huh?), but Puerto Rican.
Willy Taveras - Dominican
Eric Chavez - born in Los Angeles, Mexican background (this is actually a good story about American-born Latin ballplayers I found)
Adrian Gonzalez - born in San Diego, lived in Mexico
David DeJesus - born in Brooklyn, apparently Puerto Rican if you believe Wikipedia
Jonny Gomes - born in San Francisco, Portugese
Jose Lopez - Venezuelan

Johan Santana - Venezuelan
Ervin Santana - Dominican
Mariano Rivera - Panamanian
Chad Cordero - born in California, Mexican background
Freddy Garcia - Venezuelan
Kelvim Escobar - Venezuelan
Jose Contreras - Cuban
Orlando Hernandez - Cuban

I realized I drafted so many Venezuelans, I renamed my team Hugochavezlovechild!

This is a fun experiment, but let's be honest - this team isn't very good. Too many old pitchers, and too many hitters that won't take a walk. We'll see if I can manufacture something out of this - and yeah, I'm sticking to a Latin-only roster for the year - I'll count my one Portugese player and the American-born, non-Spanish speaking players like Cordero to make life easier.

In other news, Jenn and I head to Florida for a vacation next week - St. Petersburg and Fort Lauderdale are on the schedule - the new home in Reston closes in late April - everything else is running smooth..

In poker news, I'm slumming down at $10 SnGs and below, and lowlimit HORSE, since I'm not keeping more than $100 on Stars or Tilt for the time being - not enough time, too distracted by other things.  One thing I wanted to look at today, though was this to check out tournament results

I've got a friend that plays much higher than me and runs pretty good at Stars tournaments. He's played maybe six times as many tournaments as me.
Our percentage numbers (top three places, final tables, cashes) are very close.
Me, 1.4%, 5.5%, 14.7%
Him, 1.4%, 3.6%, 13.8%

Maybe I'm not a 100% complete donk.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

completely clueless...

Ok, at least some people survived the Hindenburg.

That trip was a Kursk-level disaster.

I must have sat down in at 8 different games, and two tournaments, and might have won $20 or $30 bucks at one table, and broke even at another.

Otherwise, I continued the dumpage from Halloween in fine fashion. A huge loss in AC. 80% of the bankroll vaporized since November. 50% of that in the last month.
I have no idea what I am doing at a table anymore.
This isn't just running bad. I play bad. I am bad.

Let's see, among the poker lowlights.

** 2/5 NL five-handed, CO limps for 5, I pop for 30 from SB with AJo, he reraises to 70, I reluctantly call (twice before in the last hour I'd raised preflop and folded to a big reraise, didn't want to get run over shorthanded)
Flop QQx, check check.
Turn 4, check check.
River 4, check, he jams for almost 200 into the 145 pot.
I'd seen him bluff a missed draw before a orbit earlier. I tank for a while. Even though I only beat a bluff, and am probably chopping at best, I call. He lets me muck gracefully by instashowing QQ for flopped quads.

** 2/5 full ring, LP limps, CO raises to 30, I smoothcall with JJ in the SB (I thought about reraising, but I had a ridiculously nitty image at this table - and was playing badly to boot, so I just wanted to play for set value like a little girl. I had 600 behind, CO only about 400, LP covers us)
LP calls. flop 10hJhQh. oh great.
LP tries to check out of turn, I say I haven't done anything yet, then check, he checks, CO bets 35.
I raise to 100 with my set. Naturally, LP pushes.
CO looks like she really wants to call but can't, I figure it's something like AhJx, AhQx..
She folds. I say, "I guess I'm supposed to go broke here," think for a minute, feel like LP is still drawing with a similar hand, like KhQx, Tx9h, or maybe TT, and call off the last 450 like a mope. Somehow, though, I still think I need the board to pair.
Turn and river blank out. LP shows AhKx for the flopped straight and royal flush redraw. I suck again, buhbye $1300 pot.
Best part, CO raised with 8x9h, for the bottom end of the flopped straight and straight flush draw. Of course, she's dead to one out and is smart enough to fold there, unlike me, with my third best hand on the flop.

** Level 2 of 100+20 tournament. I have T4,000 of a 5K starting stack. Blinds 50/100. One limper in front of me, I limp with As2s, button and blinds come along, five-handed to the flop.
Flop 7s5s2x. SB bets 100 into 500 pot. BB raises to 300. Original limper raises to 1K.
   Hmm, I only have third pair, but with a nut flush draw. It's early, so no one should want to bust out yet. The pot's already almost 2K. I don't like calling here. So, I poosh 3900 more like a momo into the middle.
  All fold to the BB. He tanks, worries I might have a set (another reason for pushing - that's what it looks like and I shouldn't get called light)  tanks some more.. and calls. Limper folds, says he has JJ, and would have called me if the BB didn't.
  The BB rolls over........ 3s4s........ arrrrrgh. straight and flush draws, but I have the flush covered unless he hits a one-out straight flush.
  I actually got called by a hand I'm in front of, but barely. I'm surprised he called, actually. It's not a bad play, just a very thin edge he's taking there for most of his stack. If I have a set or an overpair, he's about 50/50. If I have a flush draw, though, that soaks up half his outs.
  Anyway, turn blanks, river is a 6 to fill his straight. I just shake my head and say, "motherf@@?#r" The BB looks at me like I shouldn't be mad about that, and I tell him, "I'm not mad at you. It's nothing personal. I'm just mad you hit." I'm actually honest about that. I'm playing and running so bad I'm past blowing up - and it wasn't a donk play on his part anyway.

It didn't matter if I was playing 1/2NL, 2/5NL, 10/20 limit, 10/20 stud/omaha, a tournament - I couldn't buy a pot. I was card dead like crazy. Every time I looked down, I had J2 or Q4 or something useless like that. I played like a weaktight nit, didn't raise enough, called too much, let people take pots away from me, called obvious value bets on the river with hands that could only beat bluffs - but everytime someone showed down a hand, they had a big one.

As it is now, it's time to take a HUGE sabbatical from teh pokah.

First off, I suck.

Secondly, it's not like I'm going to have time over the next few months for anything but new house, moving, renovating, wedding, honeymoon, etc...

Thirdly, I really suck.

At least I still am up a small amount from my original investment in the poker experiment. That's a positive. I may return in the future. May. We shall see.

On the other hand, the condo sale closed today. Yay.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

el-o-el domination

I don't know why I even bother to play anymore. I'm so, so bad.

Today's 300+40 probably had around 600-700 entrants. Of course I wouldn't know that, because I donked myself out in Level 2 because I suck.

Anyhow, only really played three hands in that hour and change. Here we go.

First hand, I limp behind a limp (4000 starting stack, 25/50 blinds) with KJs. Kid to my left who says he's been playing all night raises to 300. Blinds fold, limper folds, I decide to call with the dead money in the pot. Flop J high, I check call 500. Turn low blank, we check, river another low blank that does put a four card straight on board. We check again, he shows me AJo, I'm already down to 3200.

Later, UTG and UTG+1 limp for 50, I decide to raise with KTo (yes, it's crap) to 300 in MP to get position and pick up some chips. Everyone behind folds, but both limpers call (it was that kind of table). Flop J52 with two spades, they check, I bet 700 into the 1K pot, UTG folds, but the guy who limped behind/cold called/checked suddenly minraises. I think and decide I'm ahead of nothing here, and fold. Down to 2200 now, half the stack's already dusted.

Finally, folds to me on the button at 50/100 blinds, I open raise to 300 with KQo. Big blind calls. We check a J54 flop. Turn is a J, he checks, I bet 400, he puts me all in. I decide, basically, to give up and dump my last 1100 in because I completely suck and don't feel like playing a short stack.

Naturally, he has QJo, he hit two of his three outs against me, I'm drawing dead and gone.

So, that started out well. It's snowing here, I played horribly, and it's not even 2pm yet.

Time to reset myself and see if I can actually play well the rest of the day.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

so ol' I can't afford the "d"

Anyhow, I turn the page on another year of life Wednesday. Whee.

It's good to know I share a "birthday" with another hopelessly overhyped disappointment.

The condo is on schedule to be sold on the 12th, and a new house should be in our hands by the end of April. - Jenn's way too thrilled about the whole thing :-) - check it here....

And yes, I am heading to AC for another Circuit event where I can hopelessly dump a tournament buyin, make it back and then some at cash games, then dump more with a few bad plays and break even for the trip.... Jenn's right, my attitude sucks right now, I need to be more positive. I know I can play. I just need to do it.

I will say this much, though. Will all the condo/house stuff going on, I have hardly played online at all the last couple of weeks. I've also been in a much better mood overall.

There is a correlation: things I shrug off live completely frost me online, and I seem to cooler myself online more often, shoving good hands into great hands without live reads.

I'd like to try cutting back the online play moving forward for everyone's sanity and happiness, including mine... :-)

Will update from AC regardless. good or bad, so stay tuned.