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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

wrapping up the year in the delta, sort of.

I'll be spending the rest of 2006 in Mississippi of all places - Jenn has been down there for a week visiting family and I'm going down for a few days before returning home with everyone on New Year's Day. While down there, we will try to see what the newly rebuilt Beau Rivage in Biloxi is like and play a short live session, along with me actually meeting most of her family for the first time.

It's been an interesting year.

Poker wise, I doubled the roll this year, (almost tripled it before the great crash of November) qualified for the WSOP Main Event, and have really improved my live and online game.
I just need to quit having people spike after the flop more often than they mathematically should when I'm 80-90% to win. :-(

Life wise, I still have a great job and a great woman. I haven't smoked in over 18 months and still manage to work out 3-4 times a week.

2007 should bring great changes for me.
By the end of the year, I should have a house and a wife.
Boy it's strange to write that one down. But good. :-)

Best wishes for 2007 to all, even me.... Heff

Friday, December 15, 2006

back in sort of black.....

Well, naturally, the last 24 hours in AC was full of ups and downs.

-Tried one last tournament, the Borgata 50+10 at 11am again. This time, I final tabled.

Only 7th, for $355 (net +225 after add-on and dealer toke) when 1st was $3300, but I felt good about my play again.
 I lost half my stack in the first hour, but built back up to the starting 5K in time for the 5K chip add-on to begin the second hour. Then, I started making hands, good value bets, and busting people. At one point I got up to about 106K in chips at the 2k/4k level, which was around the 18-player bubble, but after that I not only went card dead, but opportunities for restealing just weren't there...
 Had to open push numerous times to pick up blinds and antes just to tread water, but finally open pushed the button for 50K with 7h5h at 3k/8k/16k - and watched the big blind go in the tank before calling me with Ax getting over 3-1 on his money. I have no idea what took him so long - that should have been an instacall -  but that'll happen.

So, after that, I was actually up almost 900 for the trip. By the time I left town to come home, I bled that down to +150, and really should have been -600.

*I managed to drop 125 at the 10/20 split game (not bad) -
*dropped a buy-in at 1/2NL to a strange tight-weak player (I was running a huge bluff, but I never should have gotten called to begin with)
*dropped a buy-in at 2/5NL, and it should have been two, but I lucked out and made a move that worked.

details below. basically, I feel good about the trip, and feel like I'm learning a lot more about live play - but I also know I lefttoo much money on the tables and have to think more clearly about what I am doing. I get too aggressive at the wrong times, and generally play too nitty compared to the players who are really building up stacks - I just pick odd spots to change gears.

At 1/2 NL. three limpers to me, including a button who, in the last orbit, checked behind a set on the turn and river heads-up in position because he was worried about a straight, and folded KK face up to a decent river bet on an all undercard board.
I raise to 13 with KJo from the small blind, because I haven't played since the table opened 30 minutes ago.
I get two callers, of course.
Flop A52r. I lead for 20, and button minraises me to 40.
I decide to rep AK/AQ and reraise another 65.
He tanks... asks me how much I have behind (about 100, not really enough to do what he's thinking) shuffles his cards back and forth and shows one to his neighbor in the "I have a shitty ace, how unlucky am I" mode... then finally calls.
Turn A. I decide to check here (probably a mistake, I should have just pushed - but I really didn't want to get called, obviously. I wanted to look like I was trapping so he would check behind and then I would push the river, with one more card to cloud the decision. I thought it was much more likely he'd fold to a river push than a turn push.) He checks behind.
River 3. I push, and he shows me A4 for the rivered gutter straight. I just muck, and he asks me how big was my ace. Idiot.
If he actually put me on a big Ace, he has to know he only has seven outs (a 4 or 3) and could be drawing dead depending on what cards come off the deck. Why he's minreraising the lead bet out of the blinds with a junk ace, I have no idea. My reraise says he's way behind unless he really thinks I'm bluffing.

Where I screwed up wasthe reraise size. I just should have reraised pot.
Pot was $120 when I raised $65 more. He's getting 3-1 odds, and the implied odds, with only $100 more behind, are just around the 4-1, 5-1 he needs to peel.
If I reraise bigger, a $100 instead, I kill those odds and feel better about the line. I'm not sure if that's what he was thinking or not, or if he just didn't want to lay down an ace.

Whatever. Bottom line, I shouldn't be running moves on live 1/2 players anyway.
I deserved it.

Then, at the 2/5 table.
 Good-sized stack opens UTG for 35? - and gets three callers?  - I look down at QQ in the small blind and decide to reraise to 200, half my stack. UTG tanks for while before he finally jams (prolly about 900 or so) - all fold, I call getting 3-1 knowing I've just run into AA/KK. Board comes K high, UTG shows AA, and there goes another buy-in.

 This is just a cold deck. I'm not taking a flop five-handed with QQ by just calling, that's ridiculous. I know none of the callers are ahead of me, and if UTG has AA/KK, I decided that was just poker - his range should be wider than that, and with the other 105 in the pot, I thought it was a good play overall.
 Really, it was an overly-large open raise, and a strange play to tank and and then push, by UTG. He said he wanted to make sure no one with JJ/TT decided to come along if he called instead of reraising.....I don't know why he would ever tank to consider flat calling in that spot to begin with. No one is going to four-bet over top of his flat call to allow him to reopen the betting again - if three people called 35, they might call another 165 - a reraise is the best option - after all, QQ is the worst hand I could consider betting 200 with unless I'm squeezing four players with complete air, the cold callers' range of hands that can continue to the flop just shriveled up - unless he calls and gives them odds to do so.
As soon as he makes a move by reraising my $200, he ditches all other hands that aren't AA/KK to begin with, whether he takes 2 seconds or 2 minutes to make the action. Anyway....

Now the profit is gone and I'm back to 0 for the trip, I decide that $600 is my limit here, basically, the WSOPC tourney buyin, and if I can't make something out of that, so be it.

I rebuy in, drop more money on a river reraise bluff, top off the stack, bounce it between $300 and $700, when I get really stupid.

 Big stack with around 2K, but was over 2700 before everyone started catching cards against him, opens for 20, I decide to call in position with 87o. We see a 8c4c4x flop heads up. He leads for 35, I raise to 80, he immediately repops for 180. I tank for while.
 One hand we had played before, I raise with AK in EP to 20, he calls in position. flop 644, I lead for 30, he raises I call. Turn J, I check fold to his bet. He says he has a 4, but i know he's FOS, talking to his guys on the other end of the table. I lie, tell him I had a middle pair (77/88) and read him for some junk 4, plus I didn't like the Jack. I don't know if he really listened or not. I tend to bullshit people when they are curious about what I folded, just to see if they act on the information or not later.
 So, while I'm tanking, I get a feeling I can blow him off the hand, so I four-bet all in for $307 more. Now, he TANKS, wonders aloud if I have an overpair like 99/TT......... to the point where someone else calls a clock. I'm too busy being mellow and watching a game to notice when he finally folds and shows me an 8.
 I do the only neighborly thing and show him a 7 as I rake the pot. He is not amused.
 I try to tell him I had a complete bluff, then I say I had 74, and the debate rolls for a minute before I finally tell him I had 87. At least he gives me credit for being ballsy, even though I just think he was being polite, but it was a stupidly aggressive move on my part. I did it because he was on a cold streak and I figured he would lay down a lot of hands there to a four-bet that he wouldn't have a couple of hours earlier. Me having a pretty tight, rocky image probably helped too, who knows.

Anyhow, end of boring poker hand stuff. More as I remember things.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

cliff notes update

ah - here goes...

- I suck at live tourneys. Finished about 90th of 280 in the WSOPC event. I actually played well, but never picked up a hand and/or action, lost a substantial pot with AK vs. KT when he rivered a gutter straight, and finally went out at Level 5 - 75/300/600 - with AJs allin preflop for 6K from the blinds vs. a pair of tens, and couldn't win the race. Only built up my stack from 5K to about 11K before the spiral began, but I played about as well as I could play a tournament - it's just not my strength.

Played a House of Blues tourney. Donked out there. Played a Borgata morning tourney. Donked out there. I'm finding that live tournament poker is full of some of the most annoying people you will ever meet... :-)

- However, I am really playing well in every cash game this trip, be it 1/2NL, 2/5NL, or even the 10/20 Stud/Omaha split game. Despite not cashing in any tournament, I'm still comfortably in the black for the trip.

I also just barely missed a 27K Bad Beat Jackpot at Harrah's, At a 1/2NL table, I raise to 15 after 3 limpers - the guy right behind me reraises to 60. I look at my Jacks, think, and say "let's see a flop" knowing I'm behind.

Flop's JJ8. Quads are nice. I check, he jams, I call.

Suddenly the entire table wakes up. Everyone knows the reraiser has AA now. One more Ace, and we all share in the jackpot. Two cards to come, and he doesn't get there. Boo.... ;-)

And so it goes. Hopefully I would never have to do this for any kind of livelihood, I still have a good day job - I think :-) - I'm not sure how anyone could do this over the long term. The poker world is an nice place to visit, but it would be a bear to sustain as a life.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

up in AC....

...where I'll be playing in the 500+60 WSOPC event at Harrah's in an hour.

Got in yesterday, checked things out. Overall, a good day.

1) Harrah's comped me an extra day's stay when I asked to stay until Thursday night.

2) Between sessions at Harrah's and the Borgata Monday at 1/2 and 2/5NL, managed to run +300 and not do anything stupid. Completely card dead, though. Doubled through with QQ once, another time QJ vs. Q8 on QJx8 board, but otherwise found nothing of note. Play was... a huge yawner. Just put in the time, and make some coin. Like clocking in at work - hey, it was a $30/hour session, that is like work... :-)

Anyhow, let's see what happens today. 14 hour session if I'm lucky enough. I expect around 250 players or so. Let's hope I play Wednesday, since that's when the final table is.


Friday, December 1, 2006

mctilt, free tickets, and other matters

Meh, so what's been happening in the past month?

- Got so hammered by variance, cold decks, and my own monkey tilting play that I finally pulled out 95% of my online bankroll from Stars and Full Tilt. It seemed like I was the king of running overpairs into sets, and turning second-best hands at the 2/4NL tables. Basically, the roll is back where it was when I got back from the WSOP, and I'll use that for live play in AC or wherever, minus a couple hundred bucks I left behind for $5 and $10 tourneys/SnGs. I figure, I'll work on my tournament game, or do a SnG challenge working up the levels until the online plug gets pulled.
    (hell, PT stats have me at about 50% ROI, I didn't realize I did that well in tournament/SnGs, it always seemed worse.)

- Free bar poker is nice. Won two more donknaments in the last month, which gave me... absolutely nothing... and two tickets to a Washington Capitals game (woot hockey) - so at least I'm making something out of these uber-turbo lottery events.

- Still heading to AC in two weeks to blow off steam (and prolly money) at the WSOPC - I'd like to think I can break even or pull a profit - but I have had a cloud over my head for a while in cash games, so who knows?  (Jenn came by today to smudge the bad karma from me and my pad with some burning stick thing so the condo will sell and I'll quit donating - maybe it will work?)

- For some reason, I'm getting easily agitated for no reason lately, then completely letting go of it seconds later. Case in point, bopping out of the WWdN this week, and getting pithy to a railbird who was just cheering her peeps on as I left. It felt like less of her cheering for her friends, and more of her cheering against me, which was ridiculous - I'm just the interloper to those cats, they could really care less what I do or don't do.
    I'm a quiet observer by nature (I don't even cheer at sporting events that much) which makes me the exception, not the rule. I forget most people aren't like that, they love to be vocal and encourage their people.
   Anyway, I fully forgot about it a minute later, and moved on with the night.Off my radar screen. I didn't even really remember it until she mentioned it on her blog.

   Anyhow, stupid Heff - sorry about that, Change 100. I suck. Must turn over new leaf.