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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

heaters are nice

Well, at least the giant cloud over my head has disappeared for the time being.

   In the span of less than 24 hours, went up about four full buyins at cash tables on Full Tilt and Stars. If I make one flop call I should have made getting 3-1 with a straight draw that got there on the turn, and actually have AhAx hold up against KhKx and Ac6c (donkdonkdonk) going all in on a 8h7h5h flop - it would have been twice that. Basically, I've made up for the Vegas downturn and then some over the last couple of weeks, even before the heater.

In other minor news.

- The one time Jenn and I hit a free bar tournament since we've been back - she won, of course.

- Probably will play the FTOPS HORSE tournament this Thursday, since I'm a sucker for rotational games - I should be able to satellite in and not pay the full $200 entry, which would be nice. I don't have time to play any of the other big tournaments in the series - and it'll be the same for Stars' WCOOP next month - I will try to satellite into their Razz and HORSE tourneys, assuming they ever flip the switch on making those games live - but most of the other events, I don't have 6-8 hours to kill for them.
    I was looking at the schedules for the WPT Borgata and U.S. Poker Championships at the Taj in Atlantic City for September, seeing if any of the preliminary tournaments are at a
convenient time for me. Nothing jumps out - some of the $300/500 events at the USPC look interesting, but I have no idea what the structures are. The Borgata structures look solid, but the dates and times just don't work out.. :-(

Until I have a good tourney finish to report - Later!


Thursday, August 3, 2006

Returning home...

Back in Virginia now - rest of the trip was fine - although my last couple of cash game sessions at the Mirage and Venetian were unmitigated disasters.
Jenn ran well, naturally, while I was taking a bath. When you keep running two pair into a bigger rivered two pair, or sets into straights, bad things will happen.

Picasso at the Bellagio was very choice Monday... Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie were eating there at the same time in a group,
so I took a brief moment to tell them how good their series of Hold 'Em books are - always good to give people feedback.

Delmonico at the Venetian also an excellent restaurant for those dining in Vegas - we had excellent meals at both places.

Never did get a chance to play at the Bellagio (room just too packed with overflow from WSOP players) so at least that's something to save for a future trip.

Anyhow, back to real life for me - blog updates will be infrequent from here on out, unless I actually do something interesting from a poker standpoint.

and I guess I'll need to get one of these photos, since Jenn never got into the Amazon Room to shoot a picture of me...

Later - Heff